Steve Winwood

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    Steve Winwood

    Since his name came up in the GnR thread, let's talk about this musical genius, who no one ever really talks about for whatever reason. 

    I was able to catch this guy in a theater two years ago and it was just a 2 hour exhibiton of great songs both from his Traffic days (he may have played a Blind Faith tune, don't remember), solo, etc.   And yeah, Spencer Davis Group's big hit Gimme Some Lovin' was the encore, but the midde of the show was just sick.

    It was mostly the Traffic stuff which is the best stuff, but he switched back and forth from the keys to the guitar for that, but you don't realize how gifted he is once you see him putting on a clinic in between songs on each the keys and guitar.

    Great show.  One thing I like about his live show is he doesn't race through it. Nothing more annoying than seeing an older artist or band trying to sandwhich all the hits and songs into a certain amount of time.

    His more recent releases have been more in the jazzier Traffic vein, so if you dig stumbling across artists or bands you'd never even really think to see in concert, check it out.  He also throws in the 1980s hits for the ladies. hehe

    Hell, Higher Love and Back In the High Life are simply good tunes.   FIner Things.  Don't YOu Know What The Night Can Do. Roll With It. Now that I think of it, of all the 60/s70s musicians who tried to write pop songs in the 1980s, he and Bob Seger, maybe Clapton, were the best at it.

    There aren't many older musicians who sounds as good as they did 30 years ago either. Bonnie Raitt is one. Winwood is another.

    He comes through Boston in June. Highly recommened.

    PS His band is also top notch. Like, 10 bell level. 
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    Re: Steve Winwood

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    Re: Steve Winwood

    He's headlining the Mountain Jam in June.  Can't wait!

    Amazing musician in so many ways - practically a child prodigy...

    ...Traffic is a long-time, all-time favorite on several levels.  One of the first real jam bands and jazz-rock pioneers.

    His shows with Eric Clapton were well-done, I a truly great old novel that gets dusted off and enjoyed anew.  Great stuff.
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    Re: Steve Winwood

    He did great some vocals on the Blind Faith album...especially In the Presence of the Lord and Can't Find My Way Home.
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    Re: Steve Winwood

    One of the true unheralded greats of Rock music!

    I own just about everything , Traffic, Spencer Davis, Blind Faith, solo, I even bought the box set!
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    Re: Steve Winwood

    Agree with the posts thus far, an excellent performer, saw him open for Santana a couple of years back and he was spectacular!

    FYI he's playing at the Bank of America Pavillion on June 2nd. Tickets seem to still be available, should be a great show!!
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    Re: Steve Winwood

    In Response to Re: Steve Winwood:
    I heard him described as the white Ray Charles.  Listen, and then disagree!
    Posted by GreginMeffa

    I don't think that quote was meant to describe a direct, mirror image in vocals, but sound, tone and style.

    Honestly, if you heard Winwood in 1966 on Gimme Some Lovin you probably would have said, "that sounds like a younger Ray Charles".

    Of course he doesn't sound JUST like Ray Charles, but there is clearly a resemblance.
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