Temptations singer Otis "Damon" Harris dead at 62

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    Temptations singer Otis "Damon" Harris dead at 62

     Very sad news about the lead singer of the Temptations dying.The Temptations were a band that I grew up listening to and were a major influence in my musical tastes.They had such great hits as "Ain't to proud to beg","My Girl","Cloud Nine","Get ready"," Just my imagination"and  a couple of my personal favorites:

    Papa was a rolling stone:


    Ball of confusion:


    Rest in peace.

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    Re: Temptations singer Otis

    Two of my all time favorite songs.

    'Papa Was A Rolling Stone' is a masterpiece. The instrumental intro is possibly the most gorgeous piece of music I have ever heard...then the incredible vocals kick in and if you love music as I do, you are completely mesmerized.

    'Ball Of Confusion', some of the greatest lyrics ever written. The words ring as true today as they did during the equally turbulent time ( Watergate, Vietnam, civil rights marches, political assassinations, etc.). A timeless classic, 90s group Love And Rockets covers this song in their own style, and it is equally as marvelous.

    I am not sure which voice is Harris. But, these guys were the most incredible group of their genre....even through many years of lineup changes and turmoil , they kept the great songs coming.