I owned a bunch of Alan Parsons Project albums.  The two of them that I consider to be their best have made it into my CD collection - I Robot and The Turn of a Friendly Card.

I Robot was a stoner classic - spacey, mysterious and lush.  I listened to it for the first time in a long time recently and I think it still holds up as a great-sounding album.

It was my wife who dug out The Turn of a Friendly Card.  We listened to it several times, and I have not been able to get some of the songs out of my head.  'Time' is gorgeous, and so is the two-part title track that bookends the song suite on the second side.  'The game never ends, when your whole world depends, on the turn of a friendly card'.  A killer melodic hook.

The Project's first album, based on the stories of Edgar Allan Poe, was also very good.  The Raven, with its vocoder-enhanced voice, is effectively creepy.

Overall the Project's body of work is a bit uneven.  They did venture successfully into the commercial arena with the Eve and Eye in the Sky albums, but I think the creative genius of the above albums was left behind in the process, unfortunately.