The Boss: *Free* Concert *today* -- 2:00 EST :)

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    The Boss: *Free* Concert *today* -- 2:00 EST :)

    Tickets for a Bruce Springsteen concert were made available free of charge starting a few days ago at the Obama for America office in Charlottesville, VA for today's concert in support of President Obama's re-election.

    Too late to make it to the nTelos Wireless Pavilliion down in Charlottesville?  Sorry.  :(

    Now why can't we get this sort of deal in Boston?  :)

    On the heels of the ticket prices thread, ain't this one sweet deal?   

    Shameless post, I know, but if Springsteen can help put some steam into the engine, I can't think of a better rock musician to do so.  

    President Obama: "I'm the President, but he's the Boss."  

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    Re: The Boss: *Free* Concert *today* -- 2:00 EST :)

    They deserve each other - both useless. Now all Romney needs is some shoegazing band to endorce him and we will have one hell of a double bill. Certainly one which I will ignore.

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    Re: The Boss: *Free* Concert *today* -- 2:00 EST :)

    I'll have to give my daughter a call and see if her and her husband went,although I kind of doubt it.She likes Springsteen as much as I do,which isn't a whole lot.

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    Re: The Boss: *Free* Concert *today* -- 2:00 EST :)

    Well, I'm not a huge fan either ... but that's beside the point.    And I do recall that in my "who would you see if you got free tickets" thread, some of us responded with Springsteen, including me.    

    So I was being a little tongue in cheek, maybe ...  :)

    Aside from that, JE, I'm jaded, too.   As for a Romney gig, let's throw him Bono -- hahahahaha. I like some of the shoe-gazer bands, although I never heard that term until Chiliwings used it when he used to post here.   Does he still post in the Sox forum?   He was an interesting cat.  :)

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    Re: The Boss: *Free* Concert *today* -- 2:00 EST :)

    In response to SlimPickensIII's comment:

     Christie has a schoolboy style crush on the Boss.  The Boss won't give him the time of day. It's a weird story, but I'm a big fan of weird.  My favorite line was buried in the middle, about people who find Springsteen's singing 'akin to hog calling'.

    No offense, but this was in the news for a bit when some of the campaigns were using music that was not sanctioned by the rock artists first, several months ago  ... as well as Christie's fondness for home-boy Springsteen's music; I wouldn't spend another 5 minutes reading an article on anything to do with Christie.   Sorry.  The Atlantic ... uh, that's neutral journalism?   Not that it matters .... hahahahaha.  ;-)

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    Re: The Boss: *Free* Concert *today* -- 2:00 EST :)

    BTW, Springsteen played acoustic when he played the free concert, then played later on with the E Street band for fee-based tickets.   


    CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va.  October 24 - 2012

    By the time Bruce Springsteen swaggered onto the stage Tuesday afternoon at the nTelos Wireless Pavilion, the crowd was frenzied.

    Credit his opening acts — Democratic Senate hopeful Timothy M. Kaine and a campaign volunteer for President Barack Obama. Kaine, the former governor, minced no words about being in the presence of The Boss.

    "Being the last speaker before Bruce Springsteen, that is the toughest thing I have ever had to do," he said.

    The New Jersey rocker made the downtown stop to stump for Obama ahead of a concert with the E Street Band later Tuesday at the John Paul Jones Arena. It was the latest in a series of campaign appearances by Springsteen aimed at stirring the president's base as Republican challenger Mitt Romney has climbed in the polls.

    Springsteen played for 40 minutes before the near-capacity crowd; tickets to the event were free. His set included an impromptu campaign song as well as such hits as "The River," "Promised Land" and "Thunder Road."

    "I heard there was a good band playing nearby tonight," Springsteen joked.

    Before Springsteen took the stage, Kaine spoke of Virginia's importance as a swing state and encouraged the crowd to vote for Brig. Gen. John Douglass, a Democrat challenging Republican Rep. Robert Hurt in Virginia's 5th District.

    "We are gathered here on this beautiful day for one purpose, and that is to keep this country moving forward," Kaine said.

    Before Kaine spoke, twin brothers and Virginia National Guard veterans Seth and Eli Lovell told the crowd about their six years in Iraq and Afghanistan. Their service, they said, was a big part of why they back Obama.

    "My twin brother, Seth, and I had the extreme pleasure of serving the United States overseas, and we voted for Obama in 2008 because he made some promises," Eli Lovell said. "He has kept those promises, and that is why we are voting for him."

    Steve Sellers of Charlottesville, no relation to the Albemarle County police chief, got tickets as an appetizer for the evening show, and to show support for the president.

    "Obama and The Boss on the same day, it's unbelievable. It's an awesome two-fer," Sellers said. "I have been a dedicated Springsteen fan for years and a dedicated Obama fan for about 4½ years. ... We're a big Obama family."

    Lester Frye attended the show with his sister Sharon, mostly to show support for the president.

    "It was outstanding," Frye said. "I hope Obama wins because there is a lot going on. ... A lot of young people had not gotten excited before this."

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