The Day The Music Died????

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    The Day The Music Died????

    So, when the lead singer of a group - quits/dies or is fired - does that band die?

    I saw Fleetwood Mac without Lindsey Buckingham years ago -terrible

    Genesis without Peter Gabriel

    INXS without Michael Hutchinson

    Queen without Freddie Mercury

    AC/DC without Bon Scott

    I think that the group begins and ends with the "voice" - anyone can play a guitar or play drums but it's the voice that provides that signature sound - IMHO.

    I also think that it depends on when the voice has left the band - Peter Gabriel left earlier in the Genesis years versus Phil Collins who has taken lead vocals for the majority of the bands recordings. Same with Brian Johnson of AC/DC.

    To Queen's credit they altered there name to Queen + (Paul Rodgers, Adam Lambert) I think the attempt is to recognized as the "Queen" band of old but a new incarnation of Queen plus a vocalist.

    So what do you think? The band dies with the voice or it makes no difference one way or the other?

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    Great related article...

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    Re: The Day The Music Died????

    I have mixed feelings. If the band is young enough -- AC/DC -- they can pull it off. If a band has multiple singers, it can work too -- Moody Blues losing Mike Pinder for example. Fleetwood Mac, however, didn't work w/o Buckingham.

    I was never big Journey fan, so I cared less how they were w/o Steve Perry. Recently I saw a concert on TV (Apple TV, forget what service had the video. Mighthave been Hulu) with Foreigner minus Lou Gramm and to be honest, he sounded so close that I didn't mind.

    So I think it depends on the group, how they handle it, etc.

    I also like the way Queen altered the name because to me, it shows that they're not trying to replace Freddy Mercury as much as trying to keep his music alive. I'm no fan of Adam Lambert, however. Paul Rogers was OK. I saw a couple of songs on YouTube with Patti Russo singing lead, and to me, she was the best vocalist I've heard doing Queen's songs. They should have gotten her to tour instead of Lambert.



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    Re: The Day The Music Died????

    To echo royf19, it all depends. Not every band is identified with just one singer: The Cars, Van Halen, Fleetwood Mac, The Clash, The Band, Grateful Dead, Deep Purple, Three Dog Night, The Drifters, The Impressions, The Beach Boys, The Eagles, even The Beatles, just to name a few off the top of my head. Now sure, The Beatles ended as a band and others stopped and started with new personnel. But these are just examples where there is not just one vocalist who is identified as the "voice" of the band. So it really all depends on the band. For some bands, such as the Stones or Queen, it somewhat holds holds true (but then again, no one would mistake Mick Jagger's solo work for the Stones.)  For others, it's a mixed bag. So I am respectfully disagreeing with the premise of the OP.

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    Re: The Day The Music Died????

    I agree that the voice is the thing that people associate with a band, and even being a Bon Scott era guy myself, I cannot discount how amazing it is that they actually found a way to replace him with Brian Johnson.  I don't know how or why, but it just worked.  It did.  You cannot deny the raw power he infused into that empty spot for them.  

    It might be because the material they had for Back in Black was so amazing in terms of quality/depth with absolutely no filler on that album at all, to the point it eased in heartbroken fans back in the summer of 1980. I don't know.  Two totally different singers, but somehow it just worked.   That will never happen again.  

    You want awkward, think about how bad it would have been for Bonnie Bramlett's daughter Beka playing the part of Stevie Nicks on a FC tour in the early 90s. Ouch.    Was that the tour? I didn't know Buckingham never to be in one of their tours.

    A band like Genesis totally changed and their diehards will tell you, for the worse.  I don't really care about Genesis, so I have no real comment on it.

    Side note: I am one of those that hates it when bands change out a lead guitar player or keyboardist and act like it doesn't matter. It does.  Drummers, too.  You best hope the people you're replacing either improve the sound or break even, maybe bringing something new to the table but not taking away from the core sound of that band. Again, a hard thing to pull off. If you have it, don't fiddle with it or take it for granted.  It can mean the end of bands in some cases.

    Lastly, it's Michael Hutchence, not Hutchinson in case you were interested.


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    Re: The Day The Music Died????

    Although Van Halen was a huge success when Sammy Hagar replaced David Lee Roth as lead vocalist, to me that band had an inferior sound as well as less jam than with David Lee Roth. Shame on the van Halen brothers. Of course eventually David Lee Roth did come back but only after his and the band's prime.


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    Re: The Day The Music Died????

    There's not too many bands other than Van Halen and AIC that made a mistake when they had/have different lead singers (at least according to my music taste that I can think of), especially when the band had/has multiple singers. I like Styx with both Tommy Shaw and Dennis DeYoung as lead singers. Ditto all the lead singers for Pink Floyd.

    As for The Rolling Stones with the few songs with Keith Richards as the lead singer ... yeah OK but only for a few songs here and there.

    Regarding Genesis, I only like the band with Phil Collins as the lead singer.

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    Re: The Day The Music Died????

    Honorable mention to the thread topic with one of the most jarring lead singer changes in rock: The Doobie Brothers

    They went from Tom Johnston to Michael McDonald and made the two incarnations of the band almost totally distinct.

    Check out this great article on the legendary crooner:" rel="nofollow">




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