The Next Sonny & Cher?????

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    Re: The Next Sonny & Cher?????

    Dear God, she has to be better than Cher. A cat with its tail stepped on is better than Cher.

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    Re: The Next Sonny & Cher?????

    Sonny was the brains behind the music. Sadly, because of Cher's stagefright, she wouldn't sing without him. He should have stayed behind the scenes. They did make a cutesy beatnik couple back in the late 60s. Sort of homogonized hippies. The records sold well, and they became huge with moms and pops....unlike talented groups like Led Zepplin and Black Sabbath...Sonny and Cher was "rock" that was 100% parent-approved and considered "safe."

    I never liked them. I soon came to despise their music, phony hipster image and popularity beyond what they deserved ( early version of Kardasians?). They had their phony husband and wife act on network T.V. , then Cher dumps the guy who made her famous and has a fling with bad boy Gregg Allman, before dumping him. I always thought Cher was a first class snob, and really wasn't as attractive as she thinks she was. As for poor guy, lousy singer, but still kind of likeable. As in most things in life, the wrong one died too soon.

    I think labeling anyone the "next Sonny and Cher" would be like saying you're the next over-hyped, phony twosome with a merchandiseable image and less talent than most acts.

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    Re: The Next Sonny & Cher?????

    Not bad.