The TV thread

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    Re: The TV thread

    TV is like everything else. There's good and bad.

    I don't watch a lot of current shows because I'm usually busy at night and when I'm not, I'll watch the Red Sox or Bruins games. There are three 1-hour shows that I'll DVR and three half-hour comedies that I'll DVR, but I don't always watch them. They're for late at night -- especially the comedies -- when I can't sleep and want to watch something short.

    I like the History Channel (history shows, not the reality crap) and Military Channel and I like old movies. I don't watch shows that you have to watch each week to keep up on, even though they might be good. It seems like work to make sure you're keeping up. I rather wait until they go on DVD then watch if it's something I might be interested in.

    I'll go through spurts where I might watch a lot of TV then spurts where I hardly watch anything. There have been many popular shows that I don't get into until they've been on the air four or five years or even off. I hate getting invested with a new show only to see it canceled quickly. 

    I do have a guilty pleasure of an old show that I'm watching right now that has been off the air for about 10 years that I really got into in the last couple of months, but I'll keep that show to myself.

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    Re: The TV thread

    I watched this new show called "Sleepy Hollow," the other night. The premise is Ichabod Crane is brought back to life by his 250year-old wife, who is a witch, to fight the headless horseman who is searching Sleepy Hollow for his head. If he finds it, the Four Riders of the Apocolypse will appear and the World is doomed.  It seems Crane cut off the Horseman's head in a Revolutionary War battle in Sleepy Hollow and their blood was somehow joined, making him the only one who can kill the Horseman and save the World(Harry Potter?) Seems the whole town is haunted and evil , and only a young female police officer believe's Crane's story becuse she saw the Headless Horseman kill her boss (who it turns out has known about the evil for a long time). Got it??

    Not sure they can sustain a whole series about a guy looking for his head, and another looking to kill him, but shows like Fringe and Lost survived by making their plots more absured by the week.  It was fun though.


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    Re: The TV thread

    Watched some of the Emmy Awards last night, and am only mentioning it b/c it's the 50th anniversary of some of the most historic moments in TV history this year: 1963.  Some archival footage was shown, in particular, Walter Cronkite's unforgettable announcement to the world re: the death of President John F. Kennedy, and clips of the Beatles' 1963 tour and tv appearance, with young girls swooning, screaming, crying, totally enamoured and lovesick.  :)     No matter how many times I (and I'm sure you, too) see those clips, I never tire of them.   They mark an innocence of the times, and are remarkable.   

    You'd think it's hard to wreck the song, "Yesterday", but what's her name (Carrie?) Underwood managed to do just that.    Awful.   Sinful.  

    Elton John made his first appearance on the Emmy Awards, and did a fine job with a song to honor Liberace that's on his new album (good timing, it drops this week).  Considering the problems Elton John has had with his vocals in recent years, he sounded very good.  He appeared very humble (IMO) and the audience seemed honored to have him perform.  

    "Just as kindness knows no shame, know through all your joy and pain, that I'll be loving you always."

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    Re: The TV thread

    Speaking of Liberace, the biopic about him with Michael Douglas and Matt Damon was very well done.  Bot of them had roles that could easily have veered into unintentional comedy if they hadn't been spot on in every scene.  They were spot on in every scene.

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    Re: The TV thread

    In response to RogerTaylor's comment:

    Yogafriend wrote:

    "did not get a hot review at all, I'm afraid"


    A review is an opinion, opinion's are like a "nose" - everyone has one!

    Kinda surprised that you would let someone infuence your viewing habits based on thier opinion (but it sounds like you don't waste much time watching TV = smart!)


    I think about this a lot, Roger.  I roll my eyes when people say they aren't influenced by advertising...yeah, right.

    But reviews I see differently.  I honestly can't think of a single record I've bought following a review.   Friends' recommendations, gigs, sure....I don't live in a vacuum.

    I had a phase a few years back when I would buy records based solely on the name of the band and/or the sleeve art.  I'd guess the hit rate was about 40%, but in truth I can only remember the hits including:

    The Friends of Dean Martinez - don't know how to describe it....ambient, Westernish lounge music....the sort of thing I "officially" am not supposed to's brilliant.  A close mate, eye-rollingly into crappy pop dance music, loved them even more and has bought every one of the albums.

    Campus Tramps - Brilliant, dumb-as-a-dumb-post trashy Punk rubbish.  I actually knew the singer a little bit before I bought it but was unaware of the connection at the time.  He's become a close friend since and is......ehhhh....hard to explain....sort of the John Waters of rock and roll but nowhere near as talented and he'd slap me for even suggesting it.


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    Re: The TV thread

    BTW, if you're a fan of the "Big Bang Theory", then you (hopefully) saw last week's episode, as one of side plots had Howard and Amy, when checking to see if they have anything in common,  found they share a love for Neil Diamond.  

    Hilarity ensues for the rest of the show, as intermittently, they were shown singing their hearts out, karaoke style,  to Neil Diamond tunes.     It was "vintage"  Big Bang, b/c it was one of the funniest episodes I've seen in ages (it used to be this funny *every* week).  

    Yes, the first song they sang together was "Sweet Caroline"  !!     If you're a fan, and you didn't happen to watch last week, CATCH IT online.   It's pure genius.   Never saw Amy as happy in any episode as she was belting out Neil Diamond tunes.   Sweet.   Laughing   

    "Just as kindness knows no shame, know through all your joy and pain, that I'll be loving you always."