WERS has a special feature program every week (as in the subject header).

Today, Throwback Thursday is commemorating Woodstock's anniversary.

DARN IT, and sorry (been out all day) to make another Woodstock thread, but hey, it's a special day to commemorate, right?!   

The music starts at 5:00, so if you're able, tune in or go with live streaming.   The kids at WERS know what they're doing.  :)

PEACE / OUT, Brothers and Sisters.   :)


This week for Throwback Thursday, WERS is playing a set of songs from Woodstock performers like Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin to celebrate the 44th anniversary of the legendary festival.

The Woodstock Music Festival was billed as “Three Days of Peace and Music” and took place on farm in the Catskills of New York. The festival was actually held  in the town of Bethel, which is 43 miles from the town of Woodstock, from August 15 through the 18th in 1969. The festival was put together with the help of four men: Michael Lang, John Roberts, Joel Rosenman, and Artie Kornfeld. Each of them had a different approach to how the festival should be put together, but in the end they were able to put on the most iconic rock and roll festival in the history of music.