If you were able to watch the healing service at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross, I hope you took that opportunity.   

To say it was the beginning of the path to healing is an understatement.   

Each speaker, one after the next, was absolutely eloquent.   Yes, that includes Mayor Tom Menino, all kidding aside, he has never spoken with more love, conviction and determination for the people of Boston.   I was filled with so much emotion listening to him; he is so genuine.  I bet lots of people will try to persuade him to run for Mayor again.  

And to close the service, President Obama delivered a speech that not only put forth his unique gift as an orator,  but also as a former resident of Massachusetts, and a representative of our nation.   Not one trite word, but many words of inspiration, hope, strength, and support.    He gave the speech such a personal touch.   He had the entire congregation held in thrall.  

Then there was the music.  (Gotta tie this into the Music Forum, you know).  Yo-Yo Ma performed a movement from a Bach cello suite.  As always, sheer perfection.    There was also a chorus, possibly from a Boston high school, who did a sterling job.   Some of the members of the chorus could barely sing, they were so welled up with emotion.

If you did not have a chance to catch the service, perhaps you will catch at least part of it online later today.  It's worth your time.