What gods of rock don't you like?

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    What gods of rock don't you like?

    The Beatles haven't stood the test of time???

    Good music doesn't become annoying if overplayed?

    Wow, some of the most ridiculous comments ever posted on Boston.com.

    If Let It Be or Yesterday or Hey Jude have crossed over to the annoying side it is exactly because they have stood the test of time. They appeal to the new generation and hence continue to get air play nearly 40 years after there release.

    Anything will grate on your nerves if you hear it enough.

    I'm in agreement with NOTJIM- people who say they don't like the Beatles are simply trying too hard to sound cool.

    Their body of work is to large and broad to not like everything they did.
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    What gods of rock don't you like?

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    What gods of rock don't you like?

    This is an article long overdue. Too many people are afraid or reluctant to admit they don't like the the big names in rock. We are all entitled to our opinions and should not feel out of place voicing them.

    Personaly I can't stand listening to almost all of the Stones songs. There were a few many years ago that I like, but overall, I think they are overrated. I like the Beatles but not all of their songs. Zepplin was ok, but not really my cup of tea.
    I look at music as many do, it comes down to when you grew up, what you were doing and who you were with.
    By the way, I can never imagine much of today's music ever becoming "classic".
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    What gods of rock don't you like?

    At a friend's suggestion - "demand" is more like it - I got myself a fresh copy of "Blood on the Tracks" and listened to it over and over. It just wouldn't take. That nasally delivery, those ascending and descending vowels. Somebody make it stop!
    It wouldn't take? What are you kidding me ?? Clearly one of the best albums ever, period. Anyone who says that Dylan has not stood the test of time needs to reset their clock.
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    What gods of rock don't you like?

    People LOVE Bruce Springsteen, and I just don't get it. Yeah, he's got perhaps 3 or 4 songs that can be considered great, but he's also been putting out music for 30 years. He's a bore with a horrible voice. I'd rather listen to John Mellencamp, much better voice, and while they both tend to sing about the same things, at least with Mellencamp you feel like you can tap your feet and sing along with it. "Small Town" vs. the raspy, shouted, and annoying "Born in the USA." It feels like your SUPPOSED to like Springsteen . I feel the same way about Dylan. Everyone tells me he's a genius ......... I can't get through 30 seconds of ONE song. He's a poet? Maybe, but please, put out a book of poetry, and spare us the mumbled, incoherent songs.
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    What gods of rock don't you like?

    There it is...I was waiting for it:


    Can't stand Elvis for more than 2 1/2 minutes, and I don't care how influential he was. Muddy Waters and Bo Diddley were far more talented and had a greater influence on modern rock n' roll than the supposed "King".
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    What gods of rock don't you like?

    It's obvious why these people are "critics". They had no talent and didn't make it as musicians, so now they are "qualified" to slam some of the greatest talents in the history of popular music. Give me a break.

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    What gods of rock don't you like?

    how can you pan Joni mitchell? Shes a babe no matter what and frankly she is a genius and rumour has it she was a killer in bed in the day. I don't know about the rest of them, i would tend to disagree. but you 20-30 somethings think Snoop Dogg is Einstein so who knows, I guess just like my parents I am not 'hip to the kids these days', Joni mitchell though I will take issue with that, you need to age a little bit
    to appreciate Dylan the Grateful Dead and Joni Mitchell. It rings true when you lived
    it but, hell you are only 20 something you have barely gotten out of diapers. Wait.
    you'll live to regret those type of statements. It's the beauty of age.
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    What gods of rock don't you like?

    What is the deal with Sonic Youth? I just don't get their appeal. I think just about every band I listen to and pretty much every band of the 90's counts them as influences. I'm into the whole punk/indie thing but I just can't listen to them.

    I nominate White Stripes as well. Every song is the same and there's no depth to their music. I understand there's only two band members but come on. It's garbage!
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    What gods of rock don't you like?

    U2 certainly deserves to be on this list. They have to be the most overrated, insufferable band on the face of the Earth. Their best song is "Numb" off of "Zooropa," largely because Bono does not sing.

    Two bands that should be in the Rock and Roll HOF but are not yet are Rush and Cheap Trick. These are classic, underrated bands.

    My list of other underrated bands, while perhaps not in the realm of "classic" just yet:

    1. Masters of Reality (tell me that the "Blue Garden" album from 1989 does not kick butt on anything you have ever heard in the rock-n-blues genre);
    2. HUM. This band's "space rock" sound, with its "wall of noise" overtones and melodic guitars over driving drums is one of my all-time favorites.
    3. Rollins Band. Aggressive; makes you think; perfect after a crappy day.
    4. Chris Whitley. My all-time favorite performer. This singer, song-writer and guitarist left us too soon, dying of lung cancer at the age of 45 in 2005. What an incredible talent. He put out about 12 studio albums, and none of them sound like any of the others. He could cover Robert Johnson and Gary Numan without missing a beat. When I list to "Hotel Vast Horizon" and "Dirt Floor," I am genuinely moved. His 1991 debut, "Living with the Law" is an absolute masterpiece of American blues-rock-country-folk fusion. His slide guitar playing and work on the National Steel, as well as his playing of the electric guitar, moves me everytime. As Rolling Stone so beautifully described it: "Of dusty roads and abandoned towns."

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    What gods of rock don't you like?

    The Globe had a great idea putting together these lists by the way. Showed alot of guts and definitely made a lot of enemies... hating on Zeppelin, The Stones, Dylan, and the Beatles

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    What gods of rock don't you like?

    Monkees over the Beatles...HELL No. While they had a good show The Patridge Family why? And please, Panic at the Disco they are right there with Plain White T's. Both of those songs they had were overplayed and terrible. Most of the other picks I agree with but clearly this is why I NEVER listen to what critics say...I usually don't agree. As for Aerosmith I absolutely love them and obviously Murraydog2 did not get or hear Aerosmith's Honkin on Bobo otherwise he'd know that was original blue's music from the band. I will say this, legendary and Rock gods are terms that get used and thrown about too much, Led Zeppelin is legendary for the simple reason that they have influenced SO many others after them and reinvented Rock N' Roll.
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    What gods of rock don't you like?

    When I was growing up, music was still tought as a required course in public schools. More to the point, music appreciation was tought: how to listen to and break down unfamiliar pieces of music.

    If a young person listens to a song and it doesn't sound like Justin Timberlake, it's discarded. You need to know the context that music is coming from before you toss it away. As a young person, I never cared for the music that came before the Beatles. It wasn't until I took the time to learn about it that I came to appreciate all sorts of music. Suddenly Sinatra wasn't such a boring old fart, after all. Chuck Berry came alive after hearing Big Bill Broonzey, Etta James, Robert Johnson and Big Mama Thornton (Elvis had great taste in music).
    And Mozart and Beethoven were not the same as that Muzak they played in elevators.

    Understanding music's roots leads to greater appreciation of what came before. And maybe you'll finally see why so many people like that artist you can't stand.

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    What gods of rock don't you like?

    Here's the rub with this sort of "criticism": who defined "god of rock"?

    Which artists can't help the fact that their best days are behind them?. Very few can remain relevant over the course of decades-long careers. The Beatles stopped recording together almost 40 years ago. Zeppelin? 30 years ago. Hell, Jimi Hendrix has maybe 10 posthumous albums for every one he properly released in his career.

    But there's a difference between coasting through the years on previous success and continuing to create new material. The former is easy, as any summer triple-bill might prove. But the latter is difficult, even with the relative freedom afforded by such success.

    By this scale, there's little comparison for the likes of Dylan, Neil Young, or Springsteen in terms of songwriting and productivity just like for the Beatles in terms of melody and structure. Or for bands like the Dead in terms of live performance.
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    What gods of rock don't you like?

    [Quote]Greats music is age related for everybody like Springsteen is my older brother era, Beatles my parents it's not that I don't like them there just not mine. Lets go by years...

    1960's - The Doors, The Who, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, The Band, Jimi Hendricks, The Beach Boys, Janis Joplin, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Bob Dylan, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young.

    1970's - Grateful Dead, Led Zepplin, The Allman Brothers, Bob Marley, Aerosmith, Jerry Garcia Band, The Eagles, Jimmy Buffett, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Steve Miller Band, KISS, Everything on Detriot Rock City & Dazed & Confused soundtracks.

    1980's - J. Geils Band, Tom Petty, Van Halen, Def Leppard, Huey Lewis & the News, U2, Madonna, Heart, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Bruce Springsteen, Guns & Roses, AC/DC, Ozzy Osbourne, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Motley Crue, ZZ Top,

    1990's - Pearl Jam, Alice In Chains, Stone Temple Pilots, Nivana, Soundgarden, Smashing Pumpkins, Sublime, Everclear, Foo Fighters, Rage against the Machine, Bestie Boys, Boyz II Men, Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg, The Black Crowes, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Alanis Morisette, Dave Matthews Band, Green Day, Blues Traveler, Phish, Cypress Hill

    2000's - Jack Johnson, Eminem, Black Eyed Peas, Trey Anastasio Band, Widespread Panic, Animal Liberation Orchestra, Tea Leaf Green, MOE, Umphrey's McGee, Culver City Dub Collective, Brett Dennen, Derek Trucks Band, Jackie Green, Yonder Mountain String Band, Gov't Mule, Dumpstaphunk, Grace Potter & the nocturnals.[/Quote]

    You are a little confused. Pink Floyd'd best material is from the '70's. Ditto the J.Geils band.

    ...and Huey Lewis and the News? This group doesn't belong in a conversation about great rock bands. They, quite frankly, are not a rock band at all. I am not really sure what to call it, but it is sort of pop-corporate crap.
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    What gods of rock don't you like?

    [Quote]Some idiots will say anything to get a blurb in the paper. Emphasis on idiots.
    If ya don't like it, don't listen to it. BTW, side 2 of Abbey Road is one of the best ever recorded. Period.[/Quote]

    Agree about Abbey Road but you nay have to explain what side 2 is to most of the posters and the critics :)
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    What gods of rock don't you like?

    If you read the bio of many of these globe reporters, they look like they are under 35, thus just kids in the 80's. Of course they don't like the music of their parents, just like the kids of the "70's" don't like Chuck Berry and Elvis. But they do make a point, Beatles and Springstein are over rated.

    Listening to a Beatles tune is so sickening sweet I cringe. Aerosmith does sux bad. They haven't made a good album since they sobered up. The worst offenders are U2! BTW, U2's, free small club show will more than likely be at the new House of Blues.
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    What gods of rock don't you like?

    U2 and Springsteen are the current "gods" who haven't had a hit in ten years. They all posture at the microphone like they are singing the deepest song lyrics ever. SO LAME and SO OVERRATED.

    Just saw U2 on Good morning america so they sang their latest lamest songs. Yet they get the suckers to line up and say they were there.
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    What gods of rock don't you like?

    I echo Murraydog-2: This and the Ted Kennedy tribute/love-in/benediction that The Globe's been running endlessly (and using, without any shame, to promote a book on the senator by - OMG! - its own staff) are further proof of the paper's growing vapidity and irrelevance. Rock-music criticism isn't worth the three seconds of "thought" taken to write it and amounts to nothing more than what you'd overhear (or participate in) at the corner bar. All the "analysis" comes to this: I think so-and-so suck because . . . well, they do (I think). Brilliant.

    Oh, and a P.S. to plumpp: Wings over the Beatles?!? Jeez.
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    What gods of rock don't you like?

    No question, U2 is the most over-rated band on earth. Anyone who thinks the Beatles, Stones or Led Zepp are not rock legends knows not of what they speak. 50 years later, they still resonate.
    If you don't like Radiohead, listen to them again, and again. You will realize that they are one of the best bands making music today.
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    What gods of rock don't you like?

    [Quote]Elvis Presley -- the Brtiney Spears of early rock. Other people wrote, arranged, produced, told him what to wear, how to act, how to sing. Not an original bone in his fat body. So, there. Now yell at me.[/Quote]

    Not going to yell, and it's your opinion, relax already. I personally think he was great in his day, no one could sing those songs the way that Elvis did. He was a showman, not a lyricist, not a music genius, but IMO the man could sing and make some coin for the record companies.

    Can't deny that.
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    What gods of rock don't you like?

    U2 ick. so pompous and predictable.
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    What gods of rock don't you like?

    I love when people say Tom Waits is awful, and put Dylan and/or Tom Petty up on top of their lists of faves. Let's face it, Dylan is a great songwriter/storyteller, but might have the single worst 'voice' in all of rock music. Ever. And Petty is a wannabe Dylan. Don't get me wrong, I like some of both, but you can't say Dylan is great and bash anyone's vocal chops. All 3 have voices that work wit what they do, just don't call one bad and the others 'beautiful' or anything.

    I never got into Zeppelin, but won't call them overrated or anything, just don't like to listen to them. Mostly because of Plant's squealing-like-a-woman voice. And the fact that they stole "Stairway' from some old blues musician, and is just now starting to give credit to him because they got exposed. Not just parts of the song, like 90% of it. A little too late, guys.

    Springsteen doesn't bother me, but I'll never put him on myself or buy an album. never have either. Same for Zep, Dylan, and the Stones. Keith Richards I find heavily overrated as a guitar player. Mick was a great frontman, can't argue that. But so was Freddie Mercury and David Lee Roth, and both had fantastic guitar players by their side.No, I'm not sayung VH is better than the Stones, but I will say Eddie VH is better on geetar. Can't get it up for Sonic Youth either, sorry.
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    What gods of rock don't you like?

    IMO, and I'm going from memory on the article, it's not worth reading again if you ask me. I don't really care what the "Globe" writers think, and I use the term "writers" with tongue firmly in cheek.

    Radiohead - agree, not sure what folks see or hear in them.
    Springstein - Ugh, had some catchy tunes in the seventies, but his politics and tired image wore me out. I change the station whenever his songs come on.
    Stones - love 'em, period.
    Led Zep - love 'em, period
    Sonic Youth - ?
    Beatles - honestly, never was a fan of their music, and I'm 50, so I'm in the middle of their demographic. I like more of Lennon stuff after yoko, and before dying.
    Tom Waits - scotch and cigarettes will kill a good voice.
    Bob Dylan - like him for reasons other than music

    I still love Springsteen's music, but I don't buy his whole "I'm a working man" image, that he is still promoting (note the photos for his latest tour, like he just came off a contruction site). Stevie Nicks's Celtic goddess thing rings truer than that.

    Speaking of which, Fleetwood Mac is nothing without Christine McVie. They should have tried harder to get her to join this year's tour. I don't buy what Stevie said in today's Globe, about Christine having panic attacks about flying. It didn't come from Christine's mouth. But, if true, FM could have accomodated her with a bus tour instead.

    Like Sonic Youth, Radiohead is not a rock and roll band.

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    What gods of rock don't you like?

    I liked the Beatles better when they each went out on their own.

    At a minimum, you have to respect Aerosmith's ability to come back after so many lost years. They also have some genius writing such as " Love in an elevator, lovin' it up while I'm going down." Awesome!

    Never understood why people liked The Doors or The Who as much as they did.