Many of you are aware that the subject line of this thread is the name of a Fleetwood Mac album (bootleg, vinyl, and now CD as well), and has been touted as Fleetwood Mac's greatest live performance album.  

What's the story behind it?

The short version of a long story regarding the origin of the album title and a contentious legal battle, was written in an article in Rolling Stone (back when it was relevant) by the now legendary Cameron Crowe entitled, "The Real Fleetwood Mac Stands Up."    As the story goes, Clifford Davis, the band's manager, following the rejection and refusal by the road-weary band to launch another nation-wide tour, assembled a "new" Fleetwood Mac, claiming FULL RIGHTS to the name, and booked a tour.

That's right.  Clifford Davis put the bogus band on the road, and Mick Fleetwood and other band mates learned of the fake-out while they were on holiday.   Davis claimed he had a legal right to do what he had done; following legal action on the part of the "real" band, not to mention the ethics and morality issues, it was brought to light that he of course, had no legal right whatsoever.

They went to court, won the legal battle, got rid of the bogus-Mac, and of course, went on without Davis, and became self-managed.  

Question(s):  Who are some of RnR's sleaziest band managers?   Or record producers, or band mates, for that matter, of ill repute and notoriety, in some behind the scenes stories?   When this happened to FWM back in the 70's, it may not have had a precedent -- but it may have set one.   

ALSO, RE: Fleetwood Mac:  If you ever listened to them in the first place, or if you discovered early-Mac later rather than sooner, have you written them off entirely?  Or do you still listen to a certain era, ie, "when they were young" ?  Well, at least we know one band whose music won't be used in a political campaign, right?