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    Please Help!

    I was in Boston last night and my friends and I grabbed something to eat at this pub/bar right near South Station. It was located on the same street as south station and you had to walk down a set of stairs right off the side walk to get inside. Can anyone help me with the name of this bar/pub? 
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    Re: Please Help!

    If you google "restaurants near south station boston" you might be able to find it yourself.  A map will come up and if you click on any of the dots, the map will change to satellite view, which might help you ID it.

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    Re: Please Help!

    ....sounds like Drink over by fort point.
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    Re: Please Help!

    ok..I know when I am in south station and want to get to the seaport area, I walk up summer, in the direction of the convention center,  and once over the bridge, I take the stairs on the left to cut over to Congress street.  You may want to google bars on congress street, Boston.

    A few there are lucky's and sportello's.
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    Re: Please Help!

    I know you have to go downstairs for Lucky's
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    Re: Please Help!

    I love seafood, but I stopped eating it even before the Globe series, because I can't find any more restaurants where the haddock is made out of haddock.

    If you love tilapia, go to Yankee Lobster on the South Boston waterfront and order haddock.

    I'm a born and bred Bostonian and I know haddock when I see (and taste) haddock.