I went to the Salty Pig this afternoon for lunch - what an experience - NOT GOOD!

I ordered a sandwich with chips. While waiting I watched the bartender prepare a drink.

Instead of using a spoon, the bartender "picked out" an ingrediant with his bare hands/fingers!

He didn't wash those hands before OR after making that drink!

Then after the drink is made one waitress stuck a straw in it and sucked up a taste!

Another waitress came over, put a straw in the same drink, topped the straw and the removed the straw to taste the drink from the straw (the proper way).

After the fingers and the backwash - off to the unknowing customer!

Then there was that 5lb slab of prosciutto left sitting on the deli slicing machine - room temperature - not good.

Then my sandwhich arrived (with a side salad - not the chips I had requested)

At the end of the meal your check is placed in a little black book with mostly blank pages. As I leafed through it I noticed a number of reviews of the food and service - I wish I had read them first! It sounded like a lot of people had a similar experience.