Last night I finished watching the whole mini-series and thought it was as good as can be expected.  Greg Kinnear did as good a job as can be expected playing JFK. 

Barry Pepper overdid his role as RFK; particularly the last episode where he comforts and consoles Jackie O ( Katie Holmes ).

The last episode I thought was rushed.  From the death of the newborn, to the assasination; to the transfer of power and RFK's assasination;  

- I halfway expected to seem them do a modern day scene of Jackie dying as well but the end has the family toasting their success in yet another flashback scene. 

The whole mini-series seemed to jump back and forth too much between the 1920's with Joe P. Kennedy and the JFK presidency up until his assasination.

The only character left out of the whole movie was Edward Kennedy.

I'm like you mean to tell me JFK, RFK and Fat man Ted never had any moments worth telling in the movie?   

Lee Harvey Oswald; Marilyn Monroe and Frank Sinatra all had a few minutes in the movie except Teddy.   

What gives?  

No wonder it's controversial. 

Overall I thought it was ok but not by much.