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    Re: Top 50 Science Fiction Shows

    How can you possibly leave out Farscape!? It makes the top 10 in any other list and is in my top 5. I cannot imagine any science fiction fan putting it out of the top 20. Also, ST: DS9 was much better than ST: Voyager (which is listed way too high if it even makes the list). Deep Space 9 is definitely a top 25.

    As for the rest, I could nit pic this article like anyone else. For example, while BattleStar was certainly good, it is really too recent to place it at number 1. Things need to age a bit before they can be considered the best. Also I'd leave off the stuff -- especially the comics -- but that could be argued as opinion.

    Other than the most glaring omission of Farscape, it isn't a bad list. Only items 9 and 10 should be out of the top 10, but I could see both of them in the top 25.
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    Re: Top 50 Science Fiction Shows

    Number one for science fiction is easily the Night Stalker (the original show from the 1970's starring Darren McGavin). It started out as a TV movie with the Night Stalker about a modern day vampire in Las Vegas preying on Vegas Call Girls or performers.
    The second TV movie was the Night Strangler. Then came the series with the Lady Vampire episode, Jack the Ripper, Werwolfe on a cruise ship, the Boogie Monster etc.

    McGavin's character Carl Kolchak (a bumbling reporter had a knack for finding out the true story behind each mystery).

    Scenes from the first movie with the vampire are awesome when a bunch of Vegas's finest (boys in blue) get tossed around like rag dolls in a backyard brawl with the vampire Yanos Skorzeny (85 years old). 

    You can still get the video of the two seasons at Newbury Comics.
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    Re: Top 50 Science Fiction Shows

    nice collection of shows, ah... memories.  however, there is no reasonable explanation that Farscape did not get included unless the team that put this list together were caught in a time vortex and unable to add it to the compilation.  geez, if it was a mediocre show perhaps but it was really good and at times tremendously so.  i hope you all get it straight next time!
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    Re: Top 50 Science Fiction Shows

    your definition of science fiction is incompetent. Your list is clearly manipulated for maximum irritation. Ablind monkey could get the list in better order. I hope the New york times pulls your plug based on amateur hour idiocy like this.
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    Re: Top 50 Science Fiction Shows

    I agree that this list was put together by people who weren't really sci-fi fans. A couple reasons:

    DS9 is definitely better than Voyager.
    BSG I can accept as #1, but it was a pretty bold move to put it above Star Trek: TOS
    Firefly is rated too low
    Should have separated new Doctor Who from old Doctor Who.

    Two shows you missed (because you probably missed them, but they're definitely two of the best sci-fi shows ever):

    1) Invasion - lasted one season, and got off to a slow start, but if you can get past the first four or five episodes, it's a total roller coaster ride from there on.

    2) Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles - some of the best sci-fi writing on television at the moment. Probably won't be picked up again. It's a shame so many people missed this one. The character development was excellent, and in the end I think a good argument could be made that it would rival the writing on BSG. I could have really cared less about Terminator, except for the second movie, but this series really hooked me and a lot of other people. I think it will probably be more highly regarded after it's canceled, much like Firefly was.

    But if you missed Invasion, definitely give it a chance as well. Excellent, excellent series. Lots of twists and turns...
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    Re: Top 50 Science Fiction Shows

    I see the new Doctor Who mentioned, which is a great show. Christopher Eccleston, followed by David Tennant, are memorable Doctors. And its spin-off Torchwood, with Captain Jack Harkness (John Barrowman), should be definitely on the list too.

    Another show, which may be more in the action/ fantasy genre, but is kind of sci-fi, is Highlander: The Series. Duncan MacLeod is an immortal - there can be only one! If you have Buffy there, you need HL!

    Plus, there was Forever Knight, and the new immortal vampire/ cop in Moonlight.
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    Re: Top 50 Science Fiction Shows

    It is hard to take any list of sci-fi best seriously that does not include Star Trek-  Deep Space Nine, particularly a list that includes Babylon 5 and compares it as a better written DS9!  

    DS9 was similar to B5 in that it had an overarching and epic story at its center, but DS9 had the better writing and far, far better acting than B5 (which I also love). DS9 was far superior to ST-Voyager as well with a more coherent story line, more diverse characters and greater character development (but no "babe" like Seven of Nine). ST-Next Generation and ST-Voyager certainly had the baddest bad guys in the Borg, but the Jem Hadar and the Founders kicked some bu** as well! But DS9 also had the episode voted by ST fans as the single best ST episode ever - The Visitor, a truly remarkable episode that really captured the essence of science and fiction. 
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    Re: Top 50 Science Fiction Shows

    Glad to see The Thunderbirds made the list.  It's the only kids' show from my childhood that I could probably still watch and enjoy today. 

    Star Trek The Next Generation should have been number one, though, and I'd probably rank the Twilight Zone number 2.
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    Re: Top 50 Science Fiction Shows

    This list is now several years old.  The Globe should either update it or stop running it.
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    Re: Top 50 Science Fiction Shows

    This list is a complete joke, but these kinds of lists always are. Some clueless shems on VH1 actually said some cheezy pantera album was heavier and faster than the SLAYER album that set the benchmark for speed, but thats another debate.

     Of course everyone has their own opinions, but there are also CLASSICS that one would expect everyone (or nearly everyone) to agree on.

    On top of listing shows that dont belong, such as the super hero shows people already mentioned, as well as a sitcom (3rd Rock) - which while it is one of the most original and best shows of the last 20 years, its a sitcom, not a sci-fi show. Same goes for animated sitcoms such as futurama and the Jetsons, but they left out one of the best sci-fi shows ever -
    STAR TREK: DEEP SPACE NINE, which is far superior to any and all of the sequels, especially Voyager which for some bizarre reason is quite high on this list.
    The Twilight Zone should be higher on the list. Where are Space 1999 and Planet of the Apes?  Not the greatest, but better than much of this list.
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    Re: Top 50 Science Fiction Shows

    While this list certainly has some classics, and some of the best Sc-Fi of all time, it's mostly the ORDER of things that bothers me. "Sliders" is lower (better) than "Firefly????" What? And since when is "Xena Warrior Princess" Sci-Fi? I can understand why "Lost" made it in, since it has science-fiction elements as well as supernatural elements. I would have rated it in the single digit realm, though. I really wish they'd stuck to a more rigid interpretation of Science Fiction, since this would have opened up the top end of the list to some fairly decent shows that didn't make this overly broad list. Shows like "Roswell" and "Smallville." Yeah, yeah. Maybe they're not absolutely top-notch (though I personally would put Smallville in the top 20), but COME ON! They're WAY better than "Sliders" or "The Greatest American Hero!" There ARE a couple of things I agree with, such as putting Star Trek as one of the absolute best ( I think very few shows have had the far-reaching influence that one garnered). I also agree with Battlestar Galactica as the best of all time. I have never encountered a science fiction show before with as much depth of characters and storyline. It truly IS one of a kind. And did anyone see "Heroes" in this list? If "Lost" made it, then where's "Heroes?" Some things about this list just make no sense. It seems almost like they drew shows out of a hat and matched them with a random number from 1-50. Ugh. Well, at least it was an enjoyable stroll down memory lane. EDIT/ADDENDUM #1: I think that what really happened with this list is that it was composed by people who actually care little or nothing about science-fiction. They did a little "research," and printed their results. I can't even blame them, actually, since they were undoubtedly assigned the task. But I think it would have been a far superior list if some true science-fiction officianadoes <sp? /> were consulted. EDIT/ADDENDUM #2: To the folks that say "Superman" and "Batman" are not science fiction (and by extension, shows that didn't make the cut like "Smallville"), I must state my wholehearted disagreement. Regarding Superman, you can't get much more sc-fi than an alien visitor living amongst us who possesses inhuman powers. You could certainly argue the value of such a plot as "hard" science fiction, but in the general category of science fiction it does fit. Batman I'm less sure about. I certainly think of it as such. But some folks might not think of science-fictiony gagetry as qualification for being Sci-Fi. So I guess that one's arguable.
    Posted by MichaelPatty

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    Re: Top 50 Science Fiction Shows

    Having been a pretty avid sci-fi, fantasy, horror,  reader and watcher for many years I am as confused as others regarding the catagorization of many shows as sci-fi.  Also, as others note, several sci-fi shows that deserve merit seem to have been forgotton. 

    How Stargate Atlantis wound up at the bottom of the list is beyond me.  I find it to be one of the most innovative shows in the last decade.  It should be in the top 10, but hey I personally don't believe Battlestar Galactica should be number 1.  While it absolutely derserves to be on the list and in the top 10, it's not number one. 

    I agree with others that some of the shows like batman are quasi sci-fi and could easily have their own superhero genre...

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    Re: Top 50 Science Fiction Shows

    They left out Farscape. Omg. That's like leaving out Bill gates from the Quote 500.

    THEY LEFT OUT FARSCAPE />.< Foot in mouth

    yes, you read it, it's true.

    Shame such a list loses all weight with 1 fatal mistake (and alot of little ones).

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    Re: Top 50 Science Fiction Shows

    Glad to see Doctor Who up there (one of my favorite shows!) but I don't know why they left out Farscape.  It belongs in the Top 10 at least.  =)
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    Re: Top 50 Science Fiction Shows

    In Response to Top 50 Science Fiction Shows:
    Whoever put this list together needs to seriously re-examine their definition of "Science Fiction." Superhero's do not qualify (Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman). And "Fantasy" is different from "Science Fiction" (no Xena, no Buffy). And Macabre / Horror is also different from "Science Fiction" (Tales Crypt). Just because something is weird / different / fiction does not mean that it qualifies as "Science-Fiction" And really, Buck Rogers at #47?? Please, Willma Deering puts that series in the Top 10 all by herself. Lastly, putting the modern BSG above either Star Trek TNG or TOS is just SCI-FI blasphemy.
    Posted by Mlavigne71

    TNG was great at the time, but BSG has trupmted every sci-fi tv show ever made.  Hands down! 

    I'm a sci-fi fanatic too and I understand everyone is going to have differing opinions on something so subjective, but in every aspect BSG was put together in such a way that it goes way beyond the sci-fi universe and out on it's own as a major drama that happens to be in a sci-fi world.

    Great job putting it #1!
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    Re: Top 50 Science Fiction Shows

    Applaud the effort by Globe, but disappointed by lazy approach. In particular:
    • an unsustainable (implied) definition of "science fiction"
    • a cringeworthy US-centrism

    I make no claim to being able to define SF. But a sensible approach to categorisation of anything is to avoid duplication, overlap and confusion.

    Assume any work is a sci-fi candidate if it includes some fiction and has some speculative "not of this world" elements. Candidacy does not automatically mean that SF is the best category (or even appropriate).

    For example, current affairs programs have an affection for pseudo-science, speculative inventions and re-enactments (based on undisclosed or dubious sources). Think water-powered engines, alien abductors with anal probes, miracle cures. People interviewed often have made-up names and are either great actors or deluded.

    Is Fox News thus sci-fi?
    What about Oprah interviewing Tom? Hubbard cucumbered by cruise views?

    I do not think these are sci-fi. Still, they have a better claim than some on this list.

    I suggest that where a work can be better classified in a different category, it should be. The well-established categories of "superhero", "fantasy", "horror" etc should not be denuded because the Globe can't come up up with 50 true SF TV works.

    Programs such as Buffy and Xena are better-classified as Fantasy. Otherwise, the series Monkey (Japan), I dream of Jeannie and Bewitched must be SF too. And if thay are Sci Fi then they would have to be on this list!

    Tales From the Crypt is horror. Twilight zone is probably better classified here too. Otherwise, Ultraviolet (UK), The Hunger (UK), Vampira and Elvira are all candidates.

    The Avengers, Man from UNCLE are Espionage. Calling this SF is simply ridiculous (is James Bond SF?). If so, then Danger Man was better and Get Smart was much much better. I would also argue that the Bionic Man and Bionic Woman are more espionage than SF.

    Wonder Woman, Superman, Lois & Clark, Greatest American Hero were all "superhero" genre - and the latter two were pretty awful at that!

    Batman (60s version) was wonderful, but more satire than anything else.

    The Jetsons is (primarily) children's program (sci-fi incidental). Unless Teletubbies is also sci-fi? There is a big list of such kids programs far more sci-fi (TMNT, power rangers, tomorrow's people, transformers). If Jetsons is in, then Hanna-Barbara stablemate the Flintstones must also qualify (and was better).

    Being from Australia, I am accustomed to US Visual media being the dominant cultural influence. And I have no problem with this. Good US TV and film can be breathtaking. Actually, the bad stuff is too!

    Putting US garbage above the other 95% of the planet's good stuff is pathetic. There is some true rubbish on this list (My Favourite Martian? Other highlights of US sci fi? How about Mork and Mindy? Alf?) Give me Fraggle Rock or Pigs in Space any day.

    Star Trek (v1) was influential, but #2? It has not aged well compared to (say) The Prisoner (UK) which was better-written and has had its own great influence. More to the point, Star Trek was simply not that good! It was hammy. It would make the list, sure. But #2? Just because Star Trek is ubiquitous does not make it stellar.

    I read  a comment once (not intended to be ironic) "It must be great to be an American - you don't have to know anything about the world, 'cos you don't have to care." True. But those Americans who who think the Pyramids are in Vegas are missing out on a lot.

    The masthead "Boston Globe" is, it seems, an example of dramatic irony.

    So Global staff, here are some programs you really should check out:

    Blake's 7 (UK)
    Farscape (US/Australia)
    Lexx (Germany/Canada)
    Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (UK, TV)
    The Prisoner (UK)
    Day of the Triffids (UK)
    Red Dwarf (UK)
    Terminator (US TV)

    Long, I know, but some things need to be said.

    For my part - a difficult Top 5 (true sci fi) on TV. All equal, for each has its unique strength

    Battlestar Galactica (re-imagined)
    The Prisoner (McGoohan)
    Blakes 7
    Hitchhiker's Guide

    Appreciate comments, if anyone is sparked to respond.
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    Re: Top 50 Science Fiction Shows

    I don't really care for your #1 Battlestar Galactica, it was a long time ago.  The next few are right on, but putting Stargate Atlantis so far down is a crime.  People of my age never heard of "Dr. Who", It was a UK hit but don't put it on this list.  I think you neglected the other Star Trek TV shows, "Deep Space 9" it was interesting and "Enterprise" was very good.  IS "Lost" a Syfy show.  I haven't watched it, it seems more like a Reality show. 

    I was sitting there watching the very first show of "Star Trek" Original and enjoy the show even with 60s hokey special effects.  The new "Star Trek 11" movie had great special effects.  In fact every re-invented version was much more sleek and the special effects are super.  But the Original was the mold, the real Star Trek to do with the special story of how in the future would find us in the space and all races would be living in harmony.  IF only that reality was as beautiful today.

    Long Live Science Fiction, I enjoy it very much and don't like those awful slasher movies.  Kids who love that stuff is strange to my generation.
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    Re: Top 50 Science Fiction Shows

    I forgot one of the greatest SyFy television shows "Space: Above and Beyond" it was a like the Army in Space.  There were a lots of personalities interacting and making a great show.

    Some of the stars of that show has show up lately to "Bill" on "24" is a wonderful actor.  He was the leader of that group of different folks on that show.  He is still very handsome and a very good actor; too bad he was killed this past season of "24". 
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    Re: Top 50 Science Fiction Shows

    There were a lot of good shows listed.  Considering the shows that made the list instead of a few that were not on the list that were better than some that were on the list.  These shows had better talent and story lines.  For instance Earth 2, Space Above and Beyond and the only Star Trek that did not make the list Deep Space Nine.   But that is just my opinion.

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    Re: Top 50 Science Fiction Shows

    I agree with the other posts:
    Change the list from Top 50 to Top 100
    Add the shows the other submitters mentioned
    Position The Prisoner in the top 10 (my personal favorite)
    If you have The Man from Uncle, shouldn't you also have Secret Agent (Man) 
    Add "Heroes" to the list
    Change format from "click through" to something that makes more sense.
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    Re: Top 50 Science Fiction Shows

    I suspect the Globe's editorial staff named as many sciFi-ish shows as they could think of and then drew 50 names out of a hat. Nice to mention Science Fictiion Theater ("...with your host, Truman Bradly"), though. It's probably what got me startred on sf and science in general.
    And, printing a still from Demon With A Glass Hand without crediting Harlan Ellison? He's gonna sue you and maybe he'll punch you out, too!
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    Re: Top 50 Science Fiction Shows

    Speaking of H.E., how about The Starlost? It certainly was no worse than most TV syffi. I especially enjoyed the episodes written by Cordwainer Bird. It's still around on streaming video sites.
    There were a few very early TV shows based on Heinlein's Future History, though I don't doubt they were kenetoscopes or were dumped into NY harbor by a certain danmed clown
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    Re: Top 50 Science Fiction Shows

    Why do you people debate this list as though it had been assembled by a joint session of congress instead of by a couple of hacks who don't know much about anything?  There's no authority or scholarship behind this list, and certainly no knowledge of the tradition of science fiction..in print or on the screen.  Wasn't that obvious as soon as you saw Wild, Wild West and Man from U.N.C.L.E. on the list? This waste of space was hastily thrown together with the help of a few beers and the Internet by a couple of twenty-somethings who never even saw 80% of the series they're supposedly ranking. 
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    Re: Top 50 Science Fiction Shows

    20 years from now, Star Trek and Twilight Zone will be the only shows still being watched by millions in reruns. The rest will wind up on a shelf in some backlot warehouse.
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    Re: Top 50 Science Fiction Shows

    Another list left to someone who was born in 1985. 

    Several other posters have mentioned Time Tunnel, the Prisoner and ST-DS9 - they all should be on this Top 50 list.  

    Also, I clearly remember a show called Men into Space with William Lundigan and it was must-see for me back in 1959.  Not sure if you would also include Commander Cody - Sky Marshal of the Universe, (clearly an inspiration for Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow) a knock off from movie serials in the mid-1950s, but it was worthwhile and is probably better than some of these. 

    And in the category of "so bad it's good, marionette division," I was surprised to see that Supercar (1961-62 -  and. like Space 1999 and Thunderbirds, produced by ITC and Lord Lew Grade) was omitted. 

    And Buffy is fine, but where is Dark Shadows (1966-71), the only sci-fi/fan soap opera?  It deserves to be on this list. 

    But thank you for leaving off Seaquest DSV, one of Steven Spielberg's rare flops.