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Child tax credit

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    Child tax credit

    How many years do we have to claim these? I was told it was three retroactively (so, when I file in April 2014, I can back-date to 2010), but the person who told me, while a parent, is not a CPA.


    Thank you.

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    Re: Child tax credit

    Dear reindeergirl:

    You may only claim a credit in the year in which you have paid expenses that qualify for the credit for a child or dependent who also qualifies for that year.  If you missed claiming the credit in the original return filed for the year of the expense, you have three years from the filing of the return to amend that return to make the correction to claim the credit you could and should have claimed in that year.

    Hope this answers your question and helps in preparing your return.

    Mark H. Misselbeck, C.P.A., M.S.T., Tax Prinicipal

    Katz, Nannis + Solomon, P.C.

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    Re: Child tax credit

    That's true it is important that you will not missed claiming the credit from original return filed and my friend accountant at told me about it

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    Re: Child tax credit

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