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19 bus article in Sunday's paper

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    19 bus article in Sunday's paper

    The Globe did not allow comments to this article so I am opening a discussion.
    How long has she been on disability? how much does she get for section 8, how much food does she get for free?

    This lady figured out how to work the system. I feel for her original injury but she can get that fixed. SHe is on every other social service so she might as well get mass health to fix her injury.

    I think the globe actually thought what a touching struggle she goes through.

    this is why we have a 28 billion dollar budget for this state. People sucking the system dry. There are people with no income that could use all of the food she takes for free. She has income.
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    Re: 19 bus article in Sunday's paper

    Are you saying that she should starve?

    She's going to food pantries where people donate food. I hardly see how that is your tax dollars at work.