Warfield and Associates - Developing a Fraud and Corruption Plan

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    Warfield and Associates - Developing a Fraud and Corruption Plan

    At Warfield & Associates, we have developed a range of services that can assist your organisation reduce the likelihood of fraud and corruption occurring and when it does, identify it more readily.

    Developing a Fraud and Corruption Plan

    Fraud and corruption is more prevalent than most board members and senior management realise. Surveys conducted over recent years in Australia show quite clearly that the larger the organisation, the greater the losses to Fraud and corruption.

    Fraud and corruption can destroy an organisation’s reputation, shake investor confidence and result in civil and criminal prosecution of directors and management. The impact of fraud upon an organisation can be devastating.

    With corporate governance under intense scrutiny, the market is looking to company directors and management to stamp out corporate fraud, and regulations are tightening to support this.

    Good fraud governance requires more than just ensuring an effective system of internal controls. It requires:

    • a strong and clear message from senior executives and non-executives who are prepared to lead by example;
    • clear policies and standards;
    • knowledge of the key fraud risks;
    • effective fraud and corruption reporting;
    • awareness training; and
    • the development of a strong culture of ethics and honesty.

    The performance of an organisation can be improved through an organisational-wide application of a fraud and corruption strategy that incorporates these elements.


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