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    Re: How much do you pay for health care?

    I buy my insurance individually.  I am 48 and pay $450 per month ($5,400 per year) with a $2,000 deductible. 

    My husband has group insurance from work.  He is 44 and his insurance costs $640 per month  ($7,680 per year) with a $2,000 deductible. (His employer pays 50%)

    Interestingly, my sister works for the State of Massachusetts and her insurance is over $1,000 a month ($12,000 per year) and the state pays 75% of the premiums.

    I wonder why the health insurance purchased by the State so much higher?  It is more than twice as much as I pay and more than $4,000 a year more than other group insurance?
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    Re: How much do you pay for health care?

    Moving target - How old are you?  Premiums rise incredibly after the age of 50.  Additionally, with the state mandates, everyone regardless of gender or age has to carry maternity, invitro-fertilization, gender-reassigment coverage, etc.  So as you age, your premiums increase, but you still have to carry coverages you probably no longer need.
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    Re: How much do you pay for health care?

    I pay $100 a week for my family plan and my employer pays $200 a week.  My copays have gone up from $5 and $10 a two years ago to $20-40 copays, and now many things aren't just copays like before but 80-20% splits of the costs with a $2500 yearly deductible for the whole family -- $750 per individual -- before any of those 80%s owned by the insurer are paid.

    No dental coverage at all and big penalties for going out of the preferred provider circle.

    I've put the maximum $5,000 in my medical savings account in the last two years and have run out of funds way before the year was over.  Medical costs are killing me and my family. 

    I say, get rid of the insurance companies who drain up 30% of medical dollars, pass a single-payer plan and then use government power to rein in the doctors, big pharma and medical equiptment companies who are charging us way more than they do in Canada and Europe just because they can get away with it. Also, open up several dozen medical schools and train a bunch more doctors; right now they are artificially limiting the number of medical school slots just so they can keep salaries in the stratosphere.
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    Re: How much do you pay for health care?

    Single, healthy, 33-year-old and I pay $350/month for a crappy BCBS HMO plan with a $2k deductable and $20 copayments. I paid a similar amount for a much better plan 7 years ago with far lower copayments and no deductable. I don't see how I'm better off that I was before.
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    Re: How much do you pay for health care?

    My husband and myself had our premiums for Tufts 20.00 copay with all the extra payments for everything go from 1100.00 a month to over 1750 a month.  Just ridiculous when I asked why I was told I turned sixty!  Happy Birthday from Tufts Health Plan.  That's a sixty percent increase. Can anyone top that!
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    Re: How much do you pay for health care?

    rwc2 wrote:
    Wait. Let me guess.

    By the time I wake up tomorrow there is going to be 100 letters on this board from the same rightwing true believers, who write in every day, that all these rate increases are all the fault of Obama and those dastardly Democrats and their plans for a complete takeover of the health care market, not to mention their plans to nationalize the entire economy and bring on Stalinism.

    If we just let insurers and the free market compete across state lines and adopt tort reform, this would never happen and we'd all be living in an Ayn Rand utopia.



    Well I’m no right winger, just a guy with a small business that 4 years ago paid $600 monthly for insurance that 2 years ago went to $804 that is now going to pay $922 a month and this is just for me.  AND Massachusetts forces me to pay this

     And you are 100% correct about free market, I am leaving Massachusetts where I have lived for 40 years and raised my family and started and grew my business. There are lots of states, even close by that I will pay far less in health care premiums, business taxes, etc, etc
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    Re: How much do you pay for health care?

    Single, male, 55.  Work for a 40 person company and employer pays half.  So total premium is $372 per  month.  $500 deductible.  $20 copay.  Also have dental plan for almost no money per month.

    Last year, $15 copay and no deductible.

    This is a good deal for me personally and a big reason that I choose to work for a company with good benefits.  Said differently, it's a big reason I don't any longer work for myself or give much thought to changing jobs.

    I have never not had insurance in my life, partly by luck, I'm sure and also by design.  If I lose my job or have a catastrophic illness or change jobs and miss even one payment I will get no credit for the lifetime of payments I've already made.

    This is the 'system' that the politicians have chosen to preserve. One in which the 'best' options available to me depend on which employer I'm attached to.  And in which the insurance companies function as a payment broker on current account and reap rewards for causing patients and doctors for using fewer services, regardless of what the patient needs.

    Senator Brown and the Rethugs, Charlie Baker....when you talk about going back to square one is there any possibility that you'll fix this?  We need a system where everyone is covered, where everyone pays according to what they can afford, where the money paid is used for care, where we get value for money and where the money is not siphoned off for shareholder profits and CEO pay.
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    Re: How much do you pay for health care?

    I laugh at those complaining they are on the family plan and state they have none or one kid. The family plan is that, for family, regardless of size. That being said, our premiums went from 250/month to about 300/month this year for BCBS with the employer paying 75% (they showed us the numbers, real or not).  But I am sure that will be the excuse for another COL raise despite not getting one last year and we still turned a profit.
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    Re: How much do you pay for health care?

      $1218/mo. and I am on Medicare. I have to buy my wife a policy For $715/mo with $1000 deductible. Plus Medex, plus gap coverage, plus Long Term Healthcare. They estimate this could rise to $2500/mo in two years. And people thinking out of their rear ends think we don't need healthcare reform.
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    Re: How much do you pay for health care?

    Single male, 60, self employed. Paying ~$600 for an individual plan, which will go up by 8% next year.

    People like me are taking it on the chins: without a group plan and rate is scaled according to age. We need a group plan for the self employed, and the rate should scale according to income instead of to age (which can be considered as a "pre-existing condition").
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    Re: How much do you pay for health care?

       Married no children Self employed no health issues 50 yrs old. Under health care reform my premium has gone from 800 up to 1200 per month this year alone.

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    Re: How much do you pay for health care?

    The answer to this whole mess is competition with a tax credit from the govt. Every hospital charges different amounts for the same procedures so if the consumer took an interest in looking for the best prices and the right surgeons cost would come down but obama  just isn't smart enough or just has another agenda. Cable is a perfect example of when there is no competition the prices just keep on going up. and maybe you can add colleges if the govt stopped funding college educations through loans the cost of college would go way down but then again liberals love big bloated non profit entities
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    My wife's boss has a Blue Cross PPO plan for his company. The cost for a family of 3 just went up to OVER $3200 A MONTH! Most employees couldn't afford it so they just went without insurance. The company paid 1/2, until my wife got laid off. Now YOU, the taxpayer, pay 65% of that for me (COBRA subsidy), which still leaves us with ~$1150/mo to pay for insurance. But hey, it's cheaper than buying an HMO through my small business at $1200/mo.
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    Re: How much do you pay for health care?

    In Response to Re: How much do you pay for health care?:
    In Response to Re: How much do you pay for health care? : That is high.  Don't blame Blue Cross.  Blame your employer.  All HMO plans are custom plans negotiated by the employer.  There is no such thing as a standard rate.
    Posted by movingtarget2

    Based the the premium there is no way this person is getting coverage through an employer. Person is definitely self-employed. 
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    Re: How much do you pay for health care?

    Each time I get a raise at work it is eaten up by the health care cost. I pay more now because I am married and have children  my share is 371.05 employer pays   1113.14  total is about 1500.00  or for those he need to know exactly 1484.59

    wake up with private we have no voice at all with public we can vote these bastards in or out Private is driven by greed and profit  look if you needed to have certain coverage and was told no by private who could you turn to the banks not city hall   unless your making a lot of money and just can cover certain cost why would you want to go private. Folks are just scared   I for one am sick of hearing how much a ceo makes and how much is given out in bonus and the list is long and deep for al those who make money off of private   you all would most likely still vote for george w if you think that private is a good idea    look how much this freakin war is still costing us a day but we say nothing about it cause the fear factor over rides common sense
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    Re: How much do you pay for health care?

    Married couple, 59 and 62, no kids, no ongoing problems except that unfortunate pre-existing condition of age.  We pay $1370 a month for the state of Maine's supposedly inexpensive Dirigo-Choice health insurance.  

    We're both semi-retired, and work part-time for employers that don't offer health insurance.  This is the least expensive option that's available to us and we consider ourselves lucky to have gotten onto the plan, despite the double-digit annual rate hikes.  But after a few years of this, we've gotten to the point where we can't really afford the premiums.  We're considering moving to Massachusetts where at least there are some options available.  
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    Re: How much do you pay for health care?

    "While health insurance premiums rose modestly last year"

    What's modest? 5%, 10%, more? Doesn't that depend on your income? The insurance companies have us by the (you know what) and they know it. We have to have insurance, especially as we get older, just in case. The state won't step in and control (or at least try to really regulate) costs, so we pay. We pay more for less and less coverage. We have no choice. And we go broke in the process. And pray we don't get sick or hurt.

    Many things bother me. Why doesn't the state step in and control costs better. Why can't we get more competition (ie across state lines)?. Why can't we get any tax breaks against the premiums we pay? Why can't self employed (or people in similar situtations) get into groups that would hopefully allow the cost to be better spread out, helping to reduce premiums? Why don't we get reduced rates against our premiums for staying healthy (not smoking, eating right, exercising, etc)?
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    Re: How much do you pay for health care?

    F*CK the insurance companies, and all the politicians who think we don't need reform. I'm sick of this SH!T.

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    Re: How much do you pay for health care?

    In Response to Re: How much do you pay for health care?:
    The system is out of control and MA has made it even worse by taking the rx drug coverage decision away from me.
    Posted by cbreeze

    You still have a choice. Last year I chose to keep my newly non-compliant plan (included no Rx coverage) because of cost issues. My CPA told me I would have to pay a penalty but the penalty worked out to still be cheaper and I was not sure that I really would have to pay a penalty. Because I am 63 and compliant coverage on the exchange would cost me $425 a month and according to my income I should not be paying more than $171 a month, I did not have to pay a penalty.

    I would suggest that you run the numbers yourself and see whether compliance is necessary for you. Ultimately you do have the power to decide, but you are right about the costs going up astronomically. This is why there has to be legislation to end these horror stories. My neighbor's husband has a $225,000 bill because of a pre-existing condition. That does great things to a marriage, doesn't it?
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    Re: How much do you pay for health care?

    Single,$39 weekly, $15 copay unless I see a "specialist" then co-pay is $25, $25 for scripts.  But I think we should give the poor insurance companies a big raise, after all, they didn't make enough profit last yr.  We are only into the 1st wk in March and so far I've paid almost $450 for health care, counting, Docs, scripts, and insurance.  I work in the health care field, and the needless waste is enough to blow your mind, I throw away thousands of dollars of unused pills that have been from discountinued meds, we are re-habing 85 and 95 yr old ederly patients, can you tell me what we are rehabing them to, they are not going to get any better at their age. 3 of my patients got hearing aids this wk(insisted on by thier children) because Mom or Dad couldn't hear very well, those hearing aids were $1800 each, one patient had 2, so there alone was a cost of $7200, guess what none of my patients want to wear them, they "don't like them" a total waste.  I could go on and on but what's the use, just ask any nurse woking in an elderly nursing home, and you'll get the shock of your life as far as waste goes.  And believe me, I don't want to deprive the elderly of any services, they deserve to be cared for, but a little common sense goes along way.
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    Re: How much do you pay for health care?

    BCBS PPO, family plan.  $370 per month, employer pays the other 80%.  $100pp/$300pf deductible, $35 copays, 20% coinsurance for all tests, procedures, hospitalizations up to $3,000pp/$9,000pf out of pocket max.  $10/20/40 drug copays.

    In a typical year, we end up spending another $3,000 or so out of pocket on health care on top of the premiums.  We're all healthy, two of us are middle-aged, two college students, one school aged child.
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    Re: How much do you pay for health care?

    This will make all of you sound smart at least, whatever people are writing here makes no sense unless you actually know what your employer is paying. Saying you pay only ~$80 a month then you obviously don't know much. Also a 5 person company can easily increase 40% if you lose a 25 year old and gain a 55 year old smoker. read all 3 parts of the link, Part II really gets at the small business problem and the outside consultant hired by the state says there is nothing unique to small businesses on average. Funny how we never hear the small bussinesses whose premiums decrease 10% b/c they lost the 55 year old smoker, there has to be those if the average is ~10%
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    Re: How much do you pay for health care?

    I'm married,  self employed.  I have BCBS HMO with a 2000.00 deductible......................$1,184 per month.    Three years ago, I was paying $850 per month for same plan with no deductible and smaller co-pays.