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    Re: How much do you pay for health care?

    Work for the 3rd largest employer in the U.S.  They are self-insured and thus do not buy a policy for their employees.  My premium for myself and husband (who is self-employed) is $1938.28 annually.  There is a $250.00 pp annual deductible(500.00) for us.  After that, employer pays 85% of cost up to an annual maximum out of pocket of $2000 per person.   After that 100% of medical costs are paid by employer.    Annual physicals, mammograms, colonoscopies are not subject to deductible.    Prescription drugs do not have an annual deductible.  You pay 20% of all prescriptions costs.  There are no co-pays at all.  Also includes dental insurance where a checkup has small co-pay, but most dental procedures are only paid at 50%. 
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    Re: How much do you pay for health care?

    Married, self-employed, no dependents, husband on Medicare A/B. I pay $433/month for NHP's Optima 250 plan, which would actually cost me an arm and a leg if I ever really did need an operation, long-term medical care, or expensive procedures. I'm only doing it because it's Massachusetts law. If I could figure out how to get insurance out of state, believe me, I would.

    And I would rather eat bugs and live bacteria than give one nickel to BC/BS MA--they only need to kit out their employees with black masks to make them look the part of what they are.

    Between the insurers and the medical care providers, it's the biggest racketeering operation in the world!

    I encourage each and every person involved in this thread to sit down, TODAY, and write a letter or make a call to your elected representatives and tell them you want the same healthcare plan/benefits they get, and at the same rates--and make it clear that if they continue, you will vote their sorry arses out of office at the very next opportunity. Even neophytes are better than people with experience--who should know better--who screw you to the wall.
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    Re: How much do you pay for health care?

    In Response to Re: How much do you pay for health care?:
    Just received notice from Tufts.  I pay 30% of the $30,000/year premium.  There was a note on this notice stating that they are trying to get an increase and that this amount could go up and they would be looking for retroactive payments for this.  Last year we paid $24,000/year.  On top of that, my coverage has decreased and my FSA account I am contributing to is another $1500 out of my pocket.  Can you guess what my family's health costs amount to?  Probably around $1500 per year.  I guess we are lucky to spend so much 'just in case' and when the 'just in case' happens and I may lose health care coverage b/c of it.....guess what.....I get to lose my house, 401K, etc.  Why does anyone bother to work any more?  It's like shoveling SH*** against the tide.  Sorry, but I can not afford this any more - I'd rather have the money that I have been putting into healthcare placed into an account that I can manage and solicit service when I need it some day.  It is wasteful to have 3rd and 4th party people dictating my healthcare needs and demanding that I pay for things like invitro and other non-life threatening services.  This is not what healthcare is all about.  There should be a national cost structure from which EVERY person subscribes regardless of their particular affiliation in order to avoid having the burden shifted to those unfortunate enough to be swimming in the wrong pool.  As a society, taxpayers cannot afford to pay healthcare for everyone without affecting our ability to have a diverse enough economy to sustain itself.   Economics 101.   
    Posted by KayRox

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    Re: How much do you pay for health care?

    Are you saying you pay $9,000 per year for a family plan through a major employer in Greater Boston?  What does Tufts University, who charges
    $50,000+/student/yr. do with all that money. And why is Tufts University being charged $30,000 for premiums per family for a health plan?  Cadillac plan, indeed.  That is truly the most I have heard anyone pay for a group health plan.  And on top of it, your "coverage has decreased".  In what way?  I certainly wouldn't contribute to a HSA (you said "F"SA.) if you have a Cadillac plan.  That should cover a trip to the Caribbean for R & R in the winter, no?
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    Re: How much do you pay for health care?

    In Response to Re: How much do you pay for health care?:
    Lost job in the fall of 2008. Next to nothing left after bills. Unemployment helped, but it ran out. Having to drain 401K just to survive. Pick up contract work occasionally. Had to drop health care after three months. Focused on staying healthy for the last 20 months.  Smart idea. I'd highly recommend it to anyone. I was on a couple of med's when I had insurance and could afford them. But when the money ran dry O had to get off them. Best thing I ever did. {snipped}

      Healthcare? I figure I have the best healthcare plan in the world in not having one because I take care of myself better than I ever have. Funny thing? I work in the healthcare business.          
    Posted by proftom

    You may think what you've done is a "smart idea," but if your tax returns get audited, you're in for a nasty surprise--not only are you going to get a hefty fine for not having state-mandated health insurance, but you are in violation of the law and subject to punitive measures.

    I do admit, though--the things you've done to take care of your body since dumping the insurance should be something every person does. If we were healthier as a people, we might not be in the mess we're in with the insurance companies and healthcare providers.
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    Re: How much do you pay for health care?

    to all the people complaining about the cost, think of it this way.  you are taking care of all the illegal immigrants that come over to the US/Massachusetts for free care and not pay a dime.  hahahaha
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    Re: How much do you pay for health care?

    Frankly its a bit high and with all the co-payments attached to everything its   expensive.

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    Re: How much do you pay for health care?

    self-employed single female, Harvard/Pilgrim HMO with Rx, $1,100 month. In addition to the premium increases, they've reduced benefits in ways that you don't know until you need a procedure. For example, they just changed something so that now I have to pay $500 for the colonoscopy that 5 years ago (on same plan) was free, or maybe I paid something small like $25. Now they call it "surgery," even though they didn't have to snip anything, just scope around and I have to pay $500 for it on top of all I pay for the insurance in premiums.

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    Re: How much do you pay for health care?

    It’s astounding to see how much money we all have to pay for health care and decreasing coverage. 

    WE NEED TO PUT THE FOCUS ON COSTS WHERE IT BELONGS—THE INSURANCE COMPANIES.  The insurance companies make money by denying care. Health insurance companies play a major role in our current healthcare crisis. These companies make huge profits and their CEOs make millions,. Physicians and patients are being squeezed mercilessly while the insurance companies rake in the profits.


    1. Record insurance profits stemmed from dropped coverage, raised rates

    Quote from article: A total of 2.7 million Americans lost coverage in 2009 while health insurance's big five--UnitedHealth Group, WellPoint, Aetna, Humana and Cigna--earned a combined $12.2 billion.” 

    2. reports that, in California, Blue Cross has transferred, Blue Cross has transferred $2.8 billion to its parent company since 2007, including approximately $719.5 million in 2009 alone, as a way of HIDING ITS TRUE FINANCIAL CONDITION FROM REGULATORS scrutinizing steep rate hikes. Blue Cross of California maintains a surplus $1 billion more than the law requires for financial safety, and the company transferred $4.8 billion in dividends to its parent company, WellPoint Inc., located in Indiana, since the company merged with Anthem in 2004. For more see:

     3. According to Fortune 500's 2010 list, the top seven health insurance companies in terms of overall revenues include:

    1. UnitedHealth Group - $87 billion

    2. WellPoint - $65 billion

    3. Aetna - $34.7 billion

    4. Humana - $30.9 billion

    5. Cigna - $18.4 billion

    6. Health Net - $15.7 billion

    7. Coventry Health Care - $13.9 billion

     4. Executives at health insurance giants cash in as firms plan fee hikes

    Leaders of Cigna, Humana, UnitedHealth, WellPoint and Aetna received nearly $200 million in compensation in 2009, according to a report, while the companies sought rate increases as high as 39%.,0,7386070.story

     5. Survey: Health execs are highest earning CEOs

    Quote from article: A recent analysis of CEO compensation compiled and published by the Wall Street Journal found that out of every industry, healthcare executives rake in the most money annually, on average. The healthcare category in this study included, among others, executives for">highly scrutinized health insurance companies, as well as">health system and">pharmaceutical CEOs, and">health IT company leaders. Healthcare CEOs earned an average of $10 million annually . . .”

    6. 2009 Health Insurance CEO Compensation


    7. Top 10 Pharma CEO salaries of 2009

    1.">Fred Hassan - Schering-Plough - $49.65M

    2.">Bill Weldon - Johnson & Johnson - $30M

    3.">Miles White - Abbott Laboratories - $26.2M

    4.">John Lechleiter - Eli Lilly - $20.9M

    5.">Daniel Vasella - Novartis - $20.24M

    6.">Jim Cornelius - Bristol-Myers Squibb - $18.2M

    7.">Richard Clark - Merck - $16.8M

    8.">Robert Coury - Mylan - $16M

    9.">Jeffrey Kindler - Pfizer - $14.8M

    10.">Frank Baldino - Cephalon - $11.1M

    I hope Attorney General offices will thoroughly investigate and expose the insurance companies' corruption. Our health depends on it.

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    Re: How much do you pay for health care?

    1800. per month for family plan no children BCBS, small company
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    Re: How much do you pay for health care?

    My wife and I are on Social Security. We pay each per month in 2010:
    Medicare $ 96.50, Supplement Bronze $ 164.00, Drug $ 53.10
    Total $ 313.60/month each. Copayment for drugs $ 40 /month
    It is time we change the laws to limit excessive profits for drug companies, limit the games on patent extensions, get competion for generic drugs, and allow anybody to join a real group plan 1Mio people up, and negotiate insurance costs for people working. Make data on insurance costs to different small and large companies public, make exclusive contracts non enforceable.
    This would be a real job for the new Republicans in Congress.
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    Re: How much do you pay for health care? Too much based on a fixed income.

    My wife and I pay $9300.00 per year for combined Medicare and Medicare supplement with Harvard Pilgrim. Federal and Mass health care reforms have done nothing for my wire and I.The monthly premium with Harvard Pilgrim increased by 36% to $576 on Jan 1st 2011. Since 2004 premiums with Harvard Pilgrim have increased a whopping 292 %. I consider this to be outrageous.
    In September of 2010 Harvard Pilgrim announced that their First Seniority plan was ending on December 31. This was an unintended consequence of cancelling Medical Advantage as part of the Federal Government health care act(Obama care). So much for Abama's promise: " Keep it if you like it" We were left hanging for too long before HP announced their new take it or leave it expensive plan. Can I expect a reduction in premium effective April 1,2011?
    Howard lindsay
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    Re: How much do you pay for health care?

    Same here i pay 250 per month .Health care is really useful in fact even thought i lend money in it help me to pay my all my hospital bill.I notice that many here are paying a lot for health care and for me that is good cause you can get a lot in case of emergency.