KeltnerPRO is a new automated forex trading robot created by Jared Rybeck.



The forex trading software market is very competitive with many products on offer, so how does KeltnerPRO stack up against the competition and where does it fit in the current forex trading strategy software market?


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The first thing to point out about KeltnerPRO is that it is a tool designed specifically for forex trading without all the extra stuff that can sometimes over complicate a product. 


Jared claims that his aim with KeltnerPRO was to design a software that was very simple to use, yet very effective.


Has Jared succeeded with that claim?


KeltnerPRO Overview


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Creator: Jared Rybeck/KeltnerPRO Team

Product Type: Software  

Price: $499

What you get when you buy KeltnerPRO:

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Double the Reward Trade Management

KeltnerPRO Software with Easy Installer (All settings included)

Detailed Manual with Pictures to assist in Installation

Full Support for 5 Currency Pairs

Money Management System

Updates for Life

1 Year Profit Warranty

24/7 E-mail Support


KeltnerPRO works conveniently with any account size. However, I will recommend you to start with a minimum account balance of $200.


Who Should Buy Jared Rybeck KeltnerPRO?


As you would probably imagine, this automated forex trading software is targeted at those with no knowledge of forex trading.  Trade entry, exit, trade management, and risk are all handled for you.

It is for those who are really serious about making money from forex trading. The reason why I say that is that because newbie traders and beginners usually come to the market with the mindset of a gambler however this software will help you to identify reversals with channel breakouts and channel direction. It can also be useful for identifying overbought and oversold levels.


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Why Did I Buy Jared Rybeck KeltnerPRO?


I bought KeltnerPRO because it is 100% automated and hands-free.


The most important reason however is because I wanted a proven system to help me make money from forex trading. I am someone who some months ago was without a job and no immediate means of getting money to care for my family, pay the rents and give my kids the childhood they deserve.


When I started my first trade using KeltnerPRO software, I was amazed to discover I actually made $1,135.20 in profit after one week. I am still in shock.


So, one of the best advice I love to give to newbies and people like me, desperate to make money trading forex is to invest in a brilliant automated forex trading software like KeltnerPRO.


What I Like About Jared Rybeck KeltnerPRO?



Well, if you ask me what I like best about this tool, it would be the fact that it truly helped me to make money very quickly within couple of minutes, considering the fact that I am a desperate guy who needed money to pay bills and care for my family.


Another plus is that it works very well with the following currency pairs: USD/CHF, EUR/USD, GBP/USD. AUD/USD and NZD/USD.


Final Thoughts!


You will not make any money from forex trading unless you take it seriously as a proper business, and a proper business needs real tools and strategies to succeed.


I recommend Jared Rybeck KeltnerPRO automated forex trading software as a powerful forex trading tool for quickly making money from your forex trade. The price is just one time payment of $499 and you receive life time updates to the software.

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