"First indications are that the data breach may have affected every one of Home Depot’s 2,200 stores throughout the United States.  The potential loss of data may well be far greater than suffered by Target.  It also appears that the breach may have been done by the same Eastern European hackers that stole data from Target, P.F. Chang’s and others using the same “backdraft” malware that I have warned you about for a long time and about which the Department of Homeland Security warned retailers on July 31st.  This will not be the last major data breach as retailers are still not doing enough to protect the security of their data or the privacy of their customers"


"For starters, do not use your debit card for retail purchases.  Limit its use to ATMs.  There are strong laws to protect you from fraudulent use of your credit card, but the laws protecting you from liability in the event of fraudulent use of your debit card are not strong and you potentially risk losing your entire bank account to which the card is attached"

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