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    I got my new IPAD

    I got an Ipad for Christmas.  It's everything it should be and more.

    My smartphone is a droid.  When I started thinking about tablets/IPADs, I wanted something with the Android OS.  I wanted to be consistent with my smartphone.  I looked at a couple of tablets and then looked at the Ipad just to see it.  I was sold in 30 seconds.  It's lighter, works smoother, just better. 

    I got my Ipad for Christmas and I am anything but disappointed.  It works exactly the way ot should work.  I have yet to come across something that didn't work as well as I thought it should.  And the apps for the Ipad work really, really well.  Many of the apps I have from my droid I also got for my Ipad.  They work better on the IPAD.  Granted that the screen on the Ipad is bigger, but it's more than that. 

    I'm a convert. 
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    Re: I got my new IPAD

    once you go apple, you never go back
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    Re: I got my new IPAD

    I, also, received an Ipad 2 for Christmas. I am amazed at the ease of using it and the technology built in.

    I am just learning how to use it so I signed up to attend a workshop, this morning, at one of the Apple Stores, with hopes of getting some "hands on", or should I say "fingers on" help and hints.