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    Most influential Apple product?

    What do you think has been Apple's most influential product? How do you rate the Apple IIE to the iPod to the iPad? Let us know which product you think the most influential and why. 
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    Re: Most influential Apple product?

    PowerBook, hands down. 

    How many of these innovations do you still see in laptops today?  

    Powerbook 100 series
    - First laptops with a built-in pointing device (trackball)
    - First with built-in palm rests (other laptops had the keyboard toward the front of the computer)
    - First to be in a color other than beige
    - Among the first clamshells
    PowerBook 500 series
    - First laptops with an optional color screen
    - First laptop with a trackpad: still the de facto standard today
    - First with Stereo speakers and sound
    - First with Ethernet; and among the first with PCMCIA
    - First with dual battery bays
    - Among the first with onboard battery life indicator 
    PowerBook Duo series
    - May be considered a flop, but they were among the first thin-and-lights specifically designed for docking capability 
    PowerBook 5300
    - First with hot-swappable modules (floppy, zip drive, second battery) 
    PowerBook 1400
    - First with a built-in optical drive 
    PowerBook G4 Titanium
    - Among the first with a widescreen
    - Popularized thin laptops 
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    Re: Most influential Apple product?

    iPad, hands down.  I did even own an apple product until there was an iPad.  I'm sure I'm not alone.