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What's your take on Google Plus?

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    What's your take on Google Plus?

    After a few failed attempts, Google seems to have come up with a social networking site that's catching on. If you're on Google Plus, how do you envision it fitting into your social networking life-- a replacement for sites like Facebook and Twitter, or just one more site to try to keep up with? 
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    Re: What's your take on Google Plus?

    I started on Google+ recently and although I haven't had much time to tinker around in it..I have to say..I think Google is definitely on to something with this model. I like the circle concept and find it a lot less cumbersome than Facebook's privacy setting which seem to get more and more confusing the more FB caves in doling out your personal information.
    I would probably only make the switch completely if enough of my family and friends switched ( although many seem to be)to make it worth it. If that happened, I would give up FB since I have no desire to be participating in multiple social networking sites.