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    Flights in a natural disaster

    Have you ever been delayed on a flight because of uncontrollable conditions, such a hurricane, tornado, or other severe weather? How did the airline handle the problem?
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    Re: Flights in a natural disaster

    I was scheduled on a return flight back to Boston from Atlanta on Delta on Sunday. The airline canceled my flight and notified me by email on Friday, however I wasn't checking email. I recieved a phone call with a recorded message informing me of the cancellation on Saturday morning. I went online and booked the only flight I could find on Delta for Monday. I got the next to the last seat in first class and it cost me $984.00. The airline reimbursed me $234.00 for the canceled portion of my flight. They were not going to be able to put me on a flight until Tuesday, and not only did I need to get back to work, I had a relative who was gravely ill. The airline did offer to cancel my booking and try to rebook it themselves, but they warned me it was risky since the seat could be bought up in the meantime. I decided not to take the chance. I'm hoping the insurance I bought will cover me for something!