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    My money will never go to USAirways, they must be avoided.

    156 people sat in a USAirways 757 at Logan Airport with me for 5 hours, yes five hours, before it even left the gate ! The dullards who run USAirways ran out of food before the plane took off! and refused to allow passengers to stand up even though the engines were not running! Then it was diverted to Denver for lack of fuel, and then landed in LasVegas, the ‘intermediate stop’, on the trip to Los Angeles. Arrived 31 hours late. We were abandoned in LasVegas, no help, no gate agents, no assistance for hotels, meals and no USAirways employees of any kind to help. I will never, ever fly USAirways again. So there should be plenty of empty seats on planes operated  by these clowns. Good luck.

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    Re: Your airline travel horror stories

    I've noticed that passengers do not want to pay the baggage fees, so they are carrying on bags of ridiculous sizes.  I flew last week, and the overhead bins were full before they got to loading Zone 3!  So they checked the rest of them
    for free.  Needless to say, I wasn't too happy considering I had paid the fee to check my one (normal size) suitcase.  This also slows down the boarding process, which is cumbersome as it is.  Just way too many people these days......
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    Re: Your airline travel horror stories

    March 2010 - threatened with arrest by Jet Blue employee as I tried to put 2 car seats onto the plane. I entered the plane with one while my wife held my 1 year old twin boys, when I returned to get the other one was told if I got off that plane I could not re-enter. I was on the jetway, with a line of people - now what?

    March 2011 - my now 2 yr old twins are again traveling to Florida to see nana/papa, only on AirTran this time. My son was having a tough time, actually he was freaking out. His frustration? Being forced to sit in his seat, belted in, once the main cabin door was closed... not takeoff mind you (that I understand), that was a solid 30minutes away, but no negotiation, put him in his seat or get off plane. If he was 2 months younger, I could have held him.

    I understand certain rules, but draconian adhearance to any rule is really unnecessary.
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    Re: Your airline travel horror stories

    In Response to Re: Your airline travel horror stories:
    I had to chuckle at the category of "charges for excessive baggage." Apparently one bag is now considered "excessive."
    Posted by p-mike
    In the UK the cheap airlines don't allow any hold luggage unless you pay extortionate amounts. Some also charge you to use the toilet now !
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    Re: Your airline travel horror stories

    For all the miles I have flown, you will experience delays and stuff like that...but let's face it....a snow storm on Route 1 will slow you down just as much.  But back to airlines...Aer Lingus cancelled six flights from Ireland to NY/Boston during the weekend of Hurricane Irene.  When I called for a reschedule I was told that the flights were not rescheduled but that we were put on flights with empty spaces as they were available.  A union airline run as a semit state organization = recipte for disaster.  I was delayed five days coming back  and Aer Lingus weren't offering any compensation at all.
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    Re: Your airline travel horror stories

    I don't have a lot of "airline horror stories" but there are definite things that annoy me.  I have flown often over the past dozen years - always to overseas locations.  One annoyance is crying babies that the parent (s) seem oblivious to!  Hey, you are not back in your own home now - find some way to shut that kid up even if you have to actually hold and cuddle the little guy!  Some of us are trying to sleep or pay attention to the movies - anything except having parents ignore their little noisemaker.  Along the same lines - don't let your little kids run up and down the aisle all the time.   It is bad enough that on long flights they pee all over the toilet seats anyway. 

    Enormously fat passengers who want to lift the armrest so their flubber can encroach on my space!  Not my fault that you are obese!  I don't want your fatness touching me!   I am over 200 pounds and close to 6 feet and I can fit between the armrests!

    Maybe I am more annoyed about fat people in general after having an obese lady waddle down the aisle with a full cup of coffee that she spilled in my lap!  No spare seats to change to but the FA gave me some blankets to sit on.  Fortunately I was on the way back home and I could change to a spare pair of pants in Detroit en route to Boston.  (I have had weather delays or mechanical delays in the past and always have a change of clothes in my carry on bag.)  It looked like I pissed my pants from the front and crapped them from the back!  

    Flying a lot I have a Gold or Platinum card that gives me a couple free check in  bags but I do see a lot more heavy carry on bags for the legs that are in the US.  I am glad I get on with the first loading or get a free upgrade so I do not have to fight for overhead space.