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    Auto Service Horror shows - a lacking in Consumer Protection

    Post your stories of local car dealers and repair shop horror stories so that others won't fall prey to those in the industry who want to take your money without providing the quality service you paid & expect.

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    Re: Auto Service Horror shows - a lacking in Consumer Protection

    Complaints lead to retaliation: I complained to MB Corporate about the lack of quality service being provided by MB of Westwood and here's what it got me.  The complaint process took place over 90 days to address an emergency brake issue, a safety issue which can prevent a vehicle from passing inspections.  The fix was a minor adjustment, the dealer said would cost me a minimum of 2hrs labor to fix.  After fighting with MB Corporate to have the dealership correct the issue, that I had been asking them to fix for more than 6 months on a "Certified Pre-Owned" vehicle, I was told it would be addressed.  5 weeks later when I arrived at the dealership to have the issue addressed, I was laught at, and told once again "that's not covered under warranty".  When I questioned why it was not addressed when I initial complained during the warranty period, I was told "we were unable to reproduce the issue".  In both instances, my need for service was neglected.  When I brought the issue to the service manager I was told to go somewhere else.  When I brought the issue to the owner, I was told to go somewhere elese.  Well now I am so that others don't fall prey to the same deceptive and unfair criminal practices.

    During one visit, to obtain a "free" car was on saturday, I sat in the waiting room, while at least 4 other customers who came in after me, were given back their keys and left!  My total car was time was 1.75hrs...great benefit!

    During one visit, to get a vandalized window fixed, the service advisor after reviewing the car came back and wrote the service ticket up stating..."the customer states that the window will not go up".  After getting the estimate for labor, I decided to purchase the glass only and take my car elsewhere.  They promotely called me back, did work that I had not authorized and billed me and told me the car was ready to be picked up at 12:40pm.  Upon my arrival at 4:30pm, I was told they needed another 15-30 minutes to complete.  When I asked why I did not receive an update call regarding the status I was told it was a "miscommunication".  An hour later, my car with broken window glass still on the seat and floor was put outside the dealership in the rain.  The service advisor then smuggly said that she recommended that I cover the window before getting on the road if I lived far.  After informing her of how this retaliation and denial of service treatment made her, MB of WW and MB Corporate look she began to cry - a guilty conscious and constantly working to screw people over must make it hard to sleep at night, but you would never know it after speaking with these folks.  The problem is me, just ask MB of Westwood!

    If you like to bend over and take it with no vaseline, while paying for it...this is definately the place for you!  I care to get what I pay for and as a result will not be returning to this dealership and I will be getting rid of my '09 C280 ASAP! 
    Anyone interested? has an extended warranty too :(....

    Beware...this is a great example of how the law does little or nothing to protect consumers and why the law preventing small repairs shops from servicing vehicles should be stopped!  Don't believe their hype - think for yourself!