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    Re: What's your limit?

    I am afraid that my perspective will not sit well with you sans a car payment and minimal insurance expenses.  I am not the handy type in the car dept and find after 4-5 years, my visa gets a lot of action at the dealer or local repair shop so from my perspective, repairs are yet another form of a car payment.  So once we get close to that cycle, I trade in and buy a new one.  With each new one, I get to experience all the new technologies that have evolved.  Of course, I am not the high end buyer so the technologies are a bit tested by the time they hit the moderate level cars which is fine with me.  I also tend to disagree with the slightly used concept such as end of lease cars.  You still have a car payment but facing a bit of maintenance for tires, brakes and other parts which are not covered under extended warranties and hence, a bit counter productive IMO.  If you buy right, you never pay anything more than a car payment and oil changes (some include that as well in the deal).  You have to spend your money one way or another.....peace of mind and safety to me outweigh the gambles of a 13 yr old car.  Leasing is popular for this very reason but that means you own nothing at the end and if you buy right, buying is better as your trade equity and greater flexibility than leasing.  Again, all of this IMO.
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    Re: I agree

    i use visa and i very carefull with my budget, all my limit i use for business not consumable i wrote it in my site