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    online photography courses?

    I am looking to improve my photography skills by means of online courses. So far have looked briefly at the NY Institute of Photography and Does anyone out there know about their reputations, have any experience with them, or would recommend other alternatives?

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    Re: online photography courses?

    NY Institute offers an entire photography course from begining to end and upon successful completion, you earn a Professional Photographer Certificate. The course is developed in a way to educate both the begining student and the serious amateaur. is an excellent place to learn as well and I like their method of online training...a little more personable, more interactive and your instructors are readily available. But, their courses are more like seminars where you choose the emphasis on a particular area of photography. You are not granted any certificate for completion.

    Both are good and reputable, and education is always valuable. NYIP's courses require a little more effort on your part to stay focused, whereas will hold your hand to ensure you succeed.

    One further note, NYIP's courses have been recently streamlined and geared towards today's technology, so don't let some one tell you that their information is outdated. Moreover, they have been around longer than anyone else, so they must be doing something right., however, is a great example of where today's education is heading and their format of learning is the template of tomorrows educators.

    Do you learn well on your own? NYIP

    Are you an internet socialite?

    Do you want the whole gambit for one price?  NYIP

    Are you looking to improve in just a few areas?

    Are you looking to have a library of pamphlets, CD's and such?  NYIP

    Do you require that your instructor be immediately available? responds faster than NYIP.

    Hope this helps a little.
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    Re: online photography courses?

    Smitty, thanks...this is a tremendous help. Just the type of feedback I am looking for.
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    Re: online photography courses?

    Hi! Karen from BetterPhoto here. I love the way you outlined a guide to BP and NYIP Smitty - just thought I'd pop in here to share that we do have a product with certificate of completion. Our ClassTracks are eight months of courses are spread over the period of one year, allowing flexibility for busy schedules. Upon completion of the ClassTracks course, each student receives a Certificate of Mastery. Our course counsellors are available to help you decide which ClassTrack is best for you.
    Hope to see you at BetterPhoto! 
    Karen Orr