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    Picasa vs Flickr

    I use and like Pbase.com It gives me loads of options and I pay I think $23 a year for 500 MB of space. They have an online magazine and a good forum as well. It is easy upload for dummies with as many as 25 photos at once. I have looked at other photographers Flickr sites and frankly they just don't do it for visually and IMHO that is what photography is about...visual!

    I have been a member of pbase since 2003 and if I didn't have my own wide format printer Pbase also offers printing services.

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    Picasa vs Flickr

    I'm with Coopah - what is the worst they could do with your e-mail address and some photos? Obviously, personal photos that one wouldn't want viewed by the public should probably not be uploaded at all - but what's wrong with having someone host your public photos?

    Even a personal webpage is going to be hosted by an outside company. What's the difference? ...unless you have your own, physical server, bandwidth, etc. Not many people have the abilities to do that.

    As for the topic - I use Flickr. It's not free for me; I needed to upgrade due to the amount of photos I had. But I had started on Flickr, so I just kept it going. It's a well run site, in my opinion.
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    Picasa vs Flickr

    I personally prefer photobucket.com
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    Picasa vs Flickr

    I dunno what's with the comment posting service, but I'll try again.

    PBase.com. Open source, customizeable layout, optional community & forums, and no unnecessary emails. Benn using them for years and have been really pleased.
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    Picasa vs Flickr

    I use both but with reservations and for different things. I use picasa for family stuff and I keep my stuff there in the "private setting" so supposedly only people that I send links to can view those photos. I take reasonable precautions in my opinion to keep myself relatively unknown but my stuff isn't all that exciting to anyone but my family and friends so I try not to worry about it excessively.

    For stuff that I share on websites again I try to keep it pretty neutral and figure that people that are interested are only interested in certain things, such as a crochet project I am working on. And then I only leave those pics up for a month or so. Granted they could be cached somewhere but again I am not posting compromising pictures so I don't worry too much about it.
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    Picasa vs Flickr

    <quote>"what is the worst they could do with your e-mail address"?

    Well, they could spam you, they could sell your email address to other spammers, and they could sell your email address to identity thieves. You should never, ever, give your real email address to anyone without substantial assurances that it will never be sold.</quote />

    They could, but so could anyone (including boston.com). Of course nothing's foolproof but I tend to use a special address (i.e. not my normal everyday one) for that. I also use an anti-spam challenge/response system which has been 100% reliable.

    I personally use a number of sites depending upon picture usage.

    I have my own website (domain) and use Gallery to manage albums/pics that I share w/ friends/family (i.e. no prints needed).

    I take pics of my kid's sports and sell prints back to the parents, and use ExposureManager for that as they have a nice ecommerce/lab/fulfillment model.

    I use Flickr lightly, I have begun using it more since quite a few sites like RAW use it, esp for contests. I too had to upgrade to Pro for the volume of prints, but it's pretty reasonable.

    I also use KodakGallery as they do a lot of my 4x6 printing. For larger printing, i.e. 16x20 or 8x10, I use Adorama.

    I find SmugMug expensive (pro) and performance problematic. A number of the photo boards I participate have numerous complaints about images not showing up (in links). The same observation WRT Photobucket.

    I have my kids using Picasa as it's nicely integrated into their webhosting, and, it's free.

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    Picasa vs Flickr

    I'm a web developer, and decided immediately when I wanted to put my photos online that building my own site simply wasn't worth it. I tried Picasa and Flikr, but decided to pay for SmugMug. Any one of these is better and easier than building and managing your own site.

    For me SmugMug has the best user experience, which is important to me. The cost for a basic account was comparable or less than what I would have wound up paying very quickly for the other two.

    I have not experienced any technical problems with SmugMug whatsoever, and I link to my photos for a 1000 subscriber newsletter and many forums and websites.

    Uploads are a breeze with a free plugin for LightRoom. And Adorama rocks for prints, particularly Kodak Metallic paper. SmugMug is easy enough for anyone who wants to order any prints of my stuff. I don't have a Pro account, I'm not looking to make money from my photos currently, though that may change in the future.
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    Picasa vs Flickr

    I use flicker more often rather than picasa. I think at this point its simply a personal taste.
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    Picasa vs Flickr

    I have to agree with Dee. I have always felt that the "free" sites are not really free because they're getting something in return...your data.
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    Picasa vs Flickr

    to the first two posters, can you expand on what data they're mining that you're concerned about?

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    Picasa vs Flickr

    I like Picassa. I tried to use flicker and I like the idea, but Picassa is just so much more easier to use and upload things on to.
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    Picasa vs Flickr

    [Quote]smugmug is fantastic!![/Quote]

    I agree. LOVE Smug Mug.com. I have tried many of the freebies including Flikr and Picasa. SmugMug starts under 40/per year. Worth it. Great looking galleries, unlimited photos, free backup so you never loose those memories. get a free trial at: http://printedproof.com/Photo-and-Prints/Deals/SmugMug.com-Discounts-and-Coupons.html