I have a new Lumix 5, and I LOVE it. But there's one feature that drives me nuts -- the lens cap is external, like an SLR lens's cap. My dad has a LUMIX 3 or 4, and his lens cap is internal, opening and closing with the camera's power switch.

This drives me nuts. First off, the cap often comes off in my purse, exposing my lens to the detritus within. Secondly, when I take portrait-oriented photos, I have to hold the lens cap out of the way, lest it fall into the field.

This is not an SLR with a swappable lens, it's a point-and-shoot. A nice one, but still. What am I missing? Why did Panasonic switch the lens cap design? Is it just for the retro aesthetics, or is there a reason I'm missing?

Thanks for your help!