About my 1yr old dog

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    About my 1yr old dog


    I have one year old dog called Tiny. She is very thin. She eats very less. actually she is very playful, but sometimes she gets very much tired. Can you suggest what can I do to make her fat?

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    Re: About my 1yr old dog

    What is her breed?  How much and what kind of food are you feeding her?

    I ask because some dogs are naturally thin, ie greyhounds and such.

    Tired...is she lethargic?

    Any dramatic change in behavior or appetite should be evaluated by a vet.

    Has she had her annual checkup?  Worms/parasites can cause unexplained weight loss.

      Spring is a good time to prepare for flea/tick season plus heartworm prevention.

    A little more info may assist AngellVets in answering your question.

    PS: When you gently feel her sides, her ribs should not be sticking out but you should be able to feel them without too much difficulty. Just a light layer of adipose tissue.

    You don't want an obese dog,  but you do want a well nourished one.