Best Water Fountain For My Cat

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    Best Water Fountain For My Cat


    My cat is in the hospital as we speak as his urethra became blocked :-(

    I want to get a water fountain for him, and have it ready when he comes home from the hospital.

    I'm just not sure which one is the best.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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    Re: Best Water Fountain For My Cat

    I can't say it's the best, but I'll share my experiences thus far with the Deluxe Fresh Flow from PetMate. 

    I preferred a bubbler, fountain type that some of the other brands offered (knowing my cats penchant for lickinng bubbling water), but enough reviewer complaints about cleaning the device made me weary.  I opted for the PetMate since it was cheaper and, if it didn't work out, I didn't feel like I was breaking a bank to buy this.

    Overall, it's been good.  I do see my cats enjoying the water more than in a stagnant bowl.  The device is simple to assemble, though it requires (for me) a weekly cleaning to ensure errant food bits and fur don't clog the pump.  Cleaning is fairly simple though there are a few places that involve tiny, narrow chambers that require getting a finger or a Q tip in there to clean out the "slime" from the water.  I also take the pieces apart for a thorough cleaning.

    It comes with a small number of filtering pads that need replacement every few months.  I haven't had to buy replacements yet, and I hope it's an easy process (my package came with an extra set I'm still working through). 

    I refill the tank every 2-3 days.  You need to watch for overfilling as it can  leak, if you're not careful.   I also find you want to have water that at least covers the pump/motor, or you will have an awful churning sound that is very loud.  The device is virtually silent otherwise.

    For me, I am happy with the product, but I also don't have anything to compare it to.  Definitely beats the water bowls though.
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    Re: Best Water Fountain For My Cat

    Ditto on the petmate. I clean it in the dishwasher once a week, have to change the water twice a week because the cats get food particles in it. Overall, I love it though, and it has been working well for > 4years. At the price, its a good deal.
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    Re: Best Water Fountain For My Cat

    I am sorry your cat was so ill and had to have surgery. In addition to getting a water fountain, I'd switch him to wet food if he is on dry now. I found very helpful. Hope he'll feel better soon!
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    Re: Best Water Fountain For My Cat

    I have the basic Drinkwell fountain. There's also a deluxe version. It works well for my two cats. A little noisy but it's kind of like an aquarium air pump-like noise.

    I second the web site :) A diet with more water (ie canned food) will help with the urinary problems, as well as prevent a whole bunch of other issues commonly caused by dry food.
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    Re: Best Water Fountain For My Cat

    Our dog got a urinary tract infection and was on antibiotics, and as part of aftercare I got her this urinary health supplement:

    Kidney Support

    Sorry your dear buddy had to have surgery!  I second the person who said to switch the food.  It's not just dehydration in isolation that causes issues like this.