Biting Cat

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    Biting Cat

    My cat bites constantly. When I got to pet him he will bite.  When I pick him up he bites.  We found him in the middle of the winter outside so I am not sure what has happened to him he also will scratch and bite and kick.  How do we solve this problem?? We really love him but he hurts!
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    Re: Biting Cat

    if this is new behavior, then he could be sick or injured.
    if he's always acted this way, he just may not be the affectionate type.

    I had a cat, Rascal, that liked to be pet, but if we picked him up he'd claw the heck out of us. Same with being brushed. And if Rascal was not in the mood to be pet, he'd bite or claw. If we ever touched Rascal's tummy, he'd immediately attack. Cats have very unique personalities.
    Have you tried only scratching his head or back? sometimes cats are very particular about where they like to be touched and where they do NOT want to be touched.

    if you found your cat as a stray, he just may have never had a person touch him in a kind way before. It may take a while for him to learn to like being pet, or he may learn other ways to show affection, like playing.
    It took 2 years and special treats to get Rascal to like being brushed.