Biting Doberman

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    Re: Biting Doberman

    Excellent advice, Robin!
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    Re: Biting Doberman

    Thanks to both of you. Alas, I can't control the behavior of the dog owner, my sister, who totally trusts the dog with the toddler grandson. I would love to see the dog muzzled. I think my sister's skating on thin ice.

    Yes, they have a fenced yard but I arrived one day with the gate open, and, in fact, later that month, the dog wandered off and was loose for hours.

    Yes, animal control was called after the biting incident, but when they came to talk to my sister, the dog was calm and perfectly behaved. There's also the possibitity of a liability lawsuit pending.
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    Re: Biting Doberman

    Chances are excellent he'll bite, again; 100%, in fact, imo.

    A muzzle is not only a great idea, but ESSENTIAL.

    I'd purchase one that allows them to take treats so training can ensue while the muzzle is in place.

    ETA:  If they don't muzzle that dog it's a matter of time before it's removed from their home and killed.
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    Re: Biting Doberman

    It's hard to say what the chances of the dog biting again.

    The dog should be evaluated by a trained professional.  I would encourage you to get your sister in law to talk to Compatible Canine.  They'll evaluate the dog for free.

    Maybe the neighbor should threaten to sue.  Maybe that would light a fire under your sister-in-law.  And if she still won't get the dog evaluated, call her home owner's insurance on her.