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Cat losing hair

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    Cat losing hair



    My cat (around 10 yrs old) is losing hair on top of her ears.  The vet gives her a steroid shot every few months, which has stopped her itching her eyes, but now her hair is going.  It doesn't seem to bother her--should I let this go, or take her back to the vet?

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    Re: Cat losing hair

    I am sure the Angell vet will give you a more comprehensive answer..but hair loss is a common side effect of steroid use in the same could be true with cats.

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    Re: Cat losing hair

    Hi Blue Ghost,


    I think a recheck with your veterinarian is never a bad idea. Hard to say if this is a side effect of medication or related to some possible underlying allergy disorder or some other skin problem. Underlying endocrine disorders we see in our slightly older cat population, such as hyperthyroidism, can manifest with hair loss. This condition is very treatable and is usually readily diagnosed with a blood test. These would all be things for your veterinarian to help sort out. In addition, there may be shorter-acting, anti-allergy treatments available for your kitty with a different side effect profile.


    Dr. Susan O'Bell, Angell Animal Medical Center