dog eats dirt

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    dog eats dirt

    My dog recently started eating dirt.  He'll scratch at the ground, nibble the dirt and move on to continue doing this.  He doesn't eat a lot I don't think, but he's eager to go back outside to do it.  Is it a vitamin deficency?  If so any idea what vitamin?

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    Re: dog eats dirt

    According to this wiki article, it could be parasites.  I'd take him to the vet and get tested.

    Why Dogs Eat Dirt
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    Re: dog eats dirt

    Answer by Dr. Mara Ratnofsky of Angell Animal Medical Center's General Medicine Service:
    The persistent craving for or eating of non-food items by an animal is commonly referred to as pica. Most healthy dogs that eat a quality, commercial dog food appropriate for their life stage (puppy, adult, etc.) will not be vitamin deficient. These diets are complete and balanced for dogs and contain the necessary nutrients. However, dogs with an upset stomach may occasionally eat dirt. 

    t is important to note if your dog is experiencing any vomiting, diarrhea, or unexplained weight loss, since gastrointestinal diseases can sometimes cause pica. This behavior has also been linked to anemia (low red blood cell count). You should have your dog examined by a veterinarian if he is eating dirt since this behavior may be pointing to a larger problem.   

    If your dog’s veterinarian rules out medical issues, then you may be dealing with a behavioral problem. A command that can come in handy is “leave it” when he goes to eat dirt. You may reinforce this command with a reward such as a snack so that he will slowly unlearn his dirt eating behavior.

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    Re: dog eats dirt

    I have an 11 1/2 year old lab who has Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA), and started to go blind at about 6 years old. (At the time he was whelped, the test for this was not yet available). He also has cataracts - my vet suggested surgery would not be necessary, given the PRA. Recently I noticed one of his eyes appeared to be filled with blood. The vet did blood tests, examined his eye & the assumption was made he may have bumped into something, causing internal bleeding. She prescribed steroid eye drops, did a followup visit, & said it would be some time before it cleared. It doesn't appear to be getting better, & though he doesn't seem to have any pain, the eye does look a bit bigger than the other one. She suggested a specialist, but I do not have the funds to pursue that option. I love this dog, & want to do right by him...can anyone give me advice as to what I should do for him?
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    Re: dog eats dirt

    Sorry you are dealing with this issue, incamom, and welcome to the pets forum!

    May I suggest hitting "Pets" and then hitting the "Start New Discussion" button so your thread gets the personal attention it deserves?  You can have your own title, "Blood inside my dog's eye," and people will click on that to read and add to your personal discussion. 

    You added your comment to a thread about a dog that's eating dirt. 

    Hope to see your new thread soon and that things clear up with your dog's eye.