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Elderly Cats Yowling

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    Re: Elderly Cats Yowling

    have you described their behavior to your vet?  It sounds to me like they're getting senile, they're acting like a cat my family had as a kid that was senile, are they having problems remembering where the little box is?  Assuming no other medical issues than you've described it sounds like they're simply getting old, some cats do forget things just like humans can.  Your vet may be able to help you find a treatment to help, or may not depending on the cat and the actual cause.
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    Re: Elderly Cats Yowling

    My son's older cat started the yowling when she was about 15 years old.  His vet told him she was going deaf and getting disoriented.  She would also go to a certain wall where two corners met, and lie with her back up against them.  The vet explained that that was so no one could come up on her (unheard) without her knowing it.

    I would definitely describe their symptoms to your vet and take his suggestions.  Their cases may be different from my son's, since his cat wasn't on meds and possibly some of the actions of your cats may signify a need for a reevaluation of drugs they are on.

    Good luck.  It's hard to see our animals get older and fail, just as it is to see our parents become frail.
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    Re: Elderly Cats Yowling

    Definitely have their kidneys checked and their blood levels checked. Their hyperthryoidism may have gotten worse. When my cat with hyperthryroidism got sick it came on very suddenly. She let us know by meowing at us and peeing on the floor. When we wiped up the pee we noticed that the papertowel was red so knew something was wrong. This cat also had a bit of trouble seeing at this point. She did not have cataracts. She had been on hyperthryoid meds since age 11 and she died at age 17.

    There's no cat hearing test so you can only figure out if your cat is deaf by observing him. We had 2 elderly cats go deaf at @ age 14. They were 2 years apart in age so we knew what to look for on the younger one when she started going deaf. A good test is to come into the room where your cat is and see if he reacts. We noticed that our cat didn't react unless we turned on the light or stomped into the room.

    Randomly running thru the house - we call that crazy kitty or full moon madness. Our cats have always done it. They tend to do it more when there's a full moon but they sometimes do it when the moon is not full. It sounds like a herd of elephants running through the house.
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    Re: Elderly Cats Yowling

    Our old girl started yowling during the night when she began to go deaf, so that may be part of the story.  I agree that it would be good to get complete blood tests to see how well the liver and kidneys are functioning, as well as whether the thyroid medication needs adjusting. 

    If your cat is losing sight as well as hearing, it would be a kind thing to switch to the smelliest cat food you can find!  Smell is the last thing to go.  Fancy Feast have several seafood options that are sure to perk up even an old cat.  A quick (5-10 second) warm up in the microwave also makes food more interesting (be very careful not to overheat!).

    Good luck with your crew.  It's so tough when they get older.