Fat Cat - won't follow diet

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    Re: Fat Cat - won't follow diet

    Please be careful with the dry food, as it is very high in carbs and cats are obligate carnivores (require little or no carbs and HUGE amount of protien).

    I fed my cats an all dry prescription diet because one had urine crystals and stones.  We now have a diabetic as well.  They have all been switched to low carb high protien wet food with extra water added.

    It was difficult to switch some of them over (we have 9), but cats will not let themselves starve.  Be patient and be consistant.  Try feeding the one separately.

    If all else fails, (and we have one that refused to switch), just limit the amount of dry available to meal times only and feed that one separately.

    Good luck.

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    Re: Fat Cat - won't follow diet

    Our dog does well with the Blue Buffalo line - they also have cat food.  It's grain/corn free.  Even "diet" dry food I've researched has corn as a top three ingredient, which is terrible for cats and dogs, just a high carb filler.  Blue Buffalo makes wet cat food, too, that is grain free.
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    Re: Fat Cat - won't follow diet

    I have a rescue cat too and she definately needs to lose a few pounds! She has always been bigger than my resident cat who has been on the smaller side all along, but I try not to compare the two. I did try the all wet food diet earlier this year with her, but like some others have said, she wouldn't eat it then I would feel guilty that she may be going hungry & just give in to the dry food. I feed them Nutro indoor adult cat weight management food because they aren't terribly active, well, except at 2 am! I feel like it's time to try again so I am glad this discussion has come up! My older more trim cat really doesn't like the wet food so she'll still be eating dry...it will be a challenge feeding them seperately for sure! Thank you all for sharing; it couldn't have come at a better time for my fat cat.
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    Re: Fat Cat - won't follow diet

    I was looking at the dry food ingredients analysis on the site where I buy pet food. Most of them seem to have a lot of ash. I thought ash was bad for cat's urinary tracts. Or am I remembering incorrectly? Besides a low carb content what should I be looking for in a dry food?
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    Re: Fat Cat - won't follow diet

    We have one overweight young cat, two ill and underweight elderly cats, and one normal-weight young cat. We put out 6 ounces of canned food twice a day (for all four cats) and I supplement that for the older ones (and okay, I confess, the younger ones, too....) with dry food as they request it throughout the day. Naturally the fat cat sneaks into the kitchen and actually pulls the bowls away from the other cats with his paw so he can nibble their kibble.

    I've just switched the fat cat to Science Diet T/D, which is for "dental health" but is also a low-cal food that many cats find palatable. Some dry foods can be 600 k/cal per cup or more; this T/D is supposed to be closer to 200. The vet recommended it; the fat cat likes it. Fingers crossed.

    If I didn't have two underweight cats, I would free-feed the others with low-cal wet and dry food twice a day for 30 minutes, let them eat their fill, then take the leftovers away. I'd try to make them stick to that schedule, even if that meant that I'd have to leave the house during the day because they'd be begging for food. Two feedings a day is plenty for a healthy cat.
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    Re: Fat Cat - won't follow diet

    Be careful not to let this cat train you... It sounds like he(?) has begun to already by crying until you put some dry food into the bowl with the wet. You have to stick your ground. I would suggest talking to your vet about other ideas but ultimately either you will teach him to learn to eat the new food or he will teach you to give in to his whining if he does it long enough.
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    Re: Fat Cat - won't follow diet

    You might also consider a food puzzle of some sort.  They slow down piggy eaters and require them to burn a few calories to get their food.  An added bonus is that animals seem to enjoy them even more than eating out of a bowl.

    They are generally designed for kibble type foods, but there's no reason you couldn't fabricate something for wet food.  This dog food puzzle works great with kibble, and I suspect it would also work good with wet food, though you'd have to disassemble it to clean it (the center core pops out and the trays can be removed).

    I use it to slow down a piggy cat (whose kibble is still very carefully measured) so he doesn't bother my other "normal" eater while she's enjoying her breakfast and dinner.
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    Re: Fat Cat - won't follow diet

    The puzzle is a great idea.  It doesn't burn too many calories, per se, but the slower the cat eats, the sooner it will feel more full with less food.

    Also, you might just have to ignore the whining.  We have a lab, and she acts like we starve her every single day, crying and howling by the pantry door.  I found that it helps somewhat to reserve some of her dinner to give her as a pre-bed snack.

    It's been awhile - how's it going, Celia?
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    Re: Fat Cat - won't follow diet

    Here are tips on how to get a cat to safely lose weight: http://catinfo.org/?link=felineobesity The web site also has tips on how to get stubborn dry food addict to eat canned food, which is so much healthier than dry junk.