Feline acne

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    Feline acne


    My cat, Murphy, has regular bouts of feline acne and recently the lower part of his mouth was swollen and red. I don't know if the two are connected (the recent acne outbreak is just to the side of his mouth and his mouth is still a little swollen, though not as bad as it originally was.) How should I deal with this problem? Thanks, Lauren 

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    Re: Feline acne

    Hi LMCB,  while you are waiting for a response from Angell vet I hope you can post your question in the online chat today at 12 noon  http://www.boston.com/community/pets/chats/pet_health_chat_june/ 

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    Re: Feline acne

    Dear Lauren,


    Has your vet seen the acne and the more recent red swellings? Feline acne is often mild and not always in need of treatment. Other conditions that could affect the lips/area around the mouth are eosinophilic granuloma complex (“rodent ulcers”), flea bite hypersensitivity (I recommend even indoor cats be on flea and heartworm prevention monthly), adverse food reactions, and atopic dermatitis (“atopy” or airborne allergies). Search for some images of rodent ulcer on the internet as they often have a very characteristic appearance. A trip to the vet is probably worthwhile to see if the areas are complicated with a bacterial infection and so you can have a discussion about hypoallergenic diet trial or other immune modulating treatments if infections have been ruled out.  Good luck!


    Dr. Susan O'Bell, Angell Animal Medical Center