Frontline Plus for cats

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    Re: Frontline Plus for cats

    Occasionally I didn't wait for the 4 weeks to reapply. Usually when it was high season for fleas and ticks. You may also want to make sure that it isn't a rash or dry skin causing your kitties to scratch. We use Animal Science Sensitive skin dry food as part of our dry food mix because we had one cat who would bite/lick the fur completely off her belly. The vet could never say what was causing this. Using AS Sensitive skin food worked well without the hassle of having to medicate the cat.

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    Re: Frontline Plus for cats

    do you see fleas or ticks?  it may very well be seasonal allergies -- i don't use frontline or anything like that on my dog because its a nuerotoxin -- she does not have fleas, will occassionaly have a tick when we go in the woods -- i wouldn't use that stuff any more often than they tell you to -- i use apple cider vinageer (has to be pure, not reconstituted or whatever - but it at whole foods or trader joes) and water 50/50 -- put it on her when we are going to be in a buggy place - she smells like salad and it keeps the bugs away -- i use it myself for mesquitos
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    Re: Frontline Plus for cats

    I agree with lukes - it could be dry skin or allergies.  The cooler, drier weather is here, and so is Gracie's dry skin (our lab).  Before applying more bug killer, eliminate other causes.