Giardia for 9 months and counting

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    Giardia for 9 months and counting

    I adopted my puppy from a shelter last May (memorial day weekend) and she had giardia when I got her.  After at least 8 rounds of treatment (flagyl and sometimes with Panacur).  During the last 2 rounds of treatments, she didn't visit any dog parks, and was wiped down after every walk, as recommended by the vet.  She still test positive for Giardia.  Is there something that is missing?  Why does it seem imposible to get rid of this?

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    Re: Giardia for 9 months and counting

    Welcome to the pet forum.  I hope your dog's condition improves, the giardia must be at least weakening with each treatment...

    Is your dog still having symptoms or just testing positive?

    Is your vet a specialist...ask what else can be done?

    Even with treatment sometimes the infective trophozoite form in the dogs small intestine remains.

    PS: I have a pet shop dog that had loose stools (off and on) for the first 7-8 months and then miraculously it stopped.   I never got her diagnosed as she was healthy otherwise and remains so today at 9+ years.   I had other dogs in the household and they never got it.  "knock on wood"

    Maybe AngellVets will comment the next time they check in.

    Robin aka dog-lady




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    Re: Giardia for 9 months and counting

    Hi Yuki-Chan,


    This is a somewhat common and frustrating problem for many veterinarians and pet owners, so I feel your pain! A few things I would want to know are: 1) Is your pup symptomatic for giardia infection? Hallmark signs of this protozoan parasite that infects the GI tract of dogs and humans would be diarrhea, although fl@tulence, weight loss, and other GI symptoms are sometimes seen less commonly. 2) What test is coming back positive? I would be more concerned (i.e., more likely to treat) if giardia cysts are seen on a test we call “fecal float.” 3) What doses of medication and for how long was she treated each time? These are all things you could confirm with your veterinarian. If there is a complete absence of symptoms, I would trust in how she is feeling and acting. Good luck!


    Dr. Susan O'Bell, Angell Animal Medical Center