Hawks and Cats

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    Hawks and Cats

    We live on a hill in Jamaica Plain and this morning, as I let the cat and dog out the back door into our yard, a hawk cruised overhead, quite close, following an updraft above the yard.  Does my full-grown, 11 lb. cat have anything to fear from this beautiful hunter?  I know there are lots of mice and garter snakes around, as the cat brings them home, and assume that that's what the hawk was looking for, but you know what they say about assumptions.

    Many thanks! 
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    Re: Hawks and Cats

    if small dogs are at risk from larger hawks (and they are) then cats are too.  Pretty much any bird of prey is quite capable of catching and killing your cat.  They may or may not be able to take off with the body, depends on the size of the bird, but won't stop them from eating right there (although with the dog in the yard too they may be less likely to do that, how big is the dog?).  I've seen the end result of a hawk kill, and trust me you do not ever want to have to see what would be left of your cat if a hawk got her.