Holistic Vet at Angell?

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    Holistic Vet at Angell?

     I would like to find a vet who is on the same wave length as I am, regarding avoiding over-vaccination.   I will comply with the law regarding the rabies vaccine.

    I may decide to just get the minimum vaccinations through Petco (luvmypet)

    I have done some research and I know what I am comfortable with,  I would be willing to do titers when necessary.   http://www.thedogplace.org/VACCINES/Vaccination_Aronson-DVM-0604.asp

    My dog (10 pounds) with allergies,  recieves immunotherapy and occasionally needs prn prednisone.  No way this dog will get another vaccine under my watch.  Why is it so difficult to find a vet that will sign the waiver?


    Is there a homeopathic vet for routine care at Angell that you think I would mesh with?


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    Re: Holistic Vet at Angell?

    Do the primary care vets at Angell offer the Merial IMRAB TF 1 or 3 year rabies vaccine for dogs?


    Which brand should you use?  All of the US brands used “killed” vaccines, not “modified live” vaccines.  A “modified live” vaccine would be too dangerous as sometimes, although rarely, it can cause the disease it is meant to prevent. 

    Many of my veterinarian friends mostly recommend the Merial IMRAB TF 1 or 3 year. For cats, the Merial PUREVAX Feline Rabies.  But remember, all rabies vaccines have the potential of causing serious adverse reactions.  And some animals will react differently to different vaccines. 

    “TF” stands for thimerosol free, that is, free of a mercury adjuvant.  Mercury is used as a preservative in vaccines, and can be present even if it is not on the label.  The ingredients are part of the proprietary stew. Many experts believe it to be dangerous. Note: Several manufacturers offer thimerosol-free rabies vaccines.

    Unfortunately, most vets carry only one brand and it’s probably not thimerosol free. In larger practices, some of the vets may not even like the brand they carry. It is often selected by price, because the senior partner or corporate buyer like it and/or because one manufacturer’s rep does a better job than another. You cannot buy the brand you want and vaccinate yourself.  Most vets won’t even order the brand you want if you offer to pay for a whole case.

    How do you get the brand you want? Find another vet.

    So, as you see, rabies vaccination is a complicated, potentially dangerous, procedure. Educate your self and proceed with caution.  

    Unless your dog is granted a rabies vaccination exemption, you are legally required to vaccinate.  Vaccination with any vaccine is serious business. Your dog’s future health, and even her life, may be at stake. Vaccinate cautiously.