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Regarding Animal Chews

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    Regarding Animal Chews                                                                                                                                                                                                                             





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    Re: Regarding Animal Chews

    Chronic Wasting Disease prions are only found on the velvet of antlers.  Shed antlers do not have velvet; it stops being produced and wears off as soon as the antlers stop growing, long before they are shed.  Some studies like this one explain they found no signs of the prion in the velvet of affected animals at all.  

    Baby carrots are bleached, and I eat those.
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    Re: Regarding Animal Chews

    Because plastic (chemicals!) and man-made fabric (bacteria!) toys are somehow better?

    Dogs need to chew. Do you really think this is a NEW idea, to give the wasted part of the animal to a dog to chew? I doubt it. Those options existed for centuries before the plastic ones we have today. If anything, they're closer to what dogs ancestors would naturally find in the wild.

    Like anything else, dog-parents should exercise discretion.

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    Re: Regarding Animal Chews

    You do need to pay attention to where the chew is coming from, there have been constant on-going issues with jerkey and chews where the animal product came from China (it doesn't always make the news, but its really been a never ending problem, just recently vets have been warning owners away from chicken jerky because chicken jerky meats that came from China appear to contain a toxin thats causing Falconi syndrom in dogs, they've not been able to narrow down the toxin or a specific brand or brands, and so no specific recall). 

    Unfortunetly it can be difficult to tell where the product comes from as an item can legitimately say "made in the USA" and still have its meat be produce in China (ideally you want something that says where it was made AND sourced).

    Having said that you can't assume that man-made chews (plastics and fabrics) are any healthier really, so its up to the pet owner to make an informed decision.  Do your research to find out where the product actually comes from and make up your own mind as to what you're going to give your dog.  Not giving some dogs something to chew on isn't an option either.

    If you live near a butchers shop, or slaughter house (ideally ask your local family farm or 4H club where they take their animals, you're likely to get better quality), or deer processing facility, you can see if they'll sell you bones or hooves to chew on and at least know where it came from.