What shots are necessary for indoor cats?

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    What shots are necessary for indoor cats?

    I converted my indoor/outdoor kitties to strictly indoors. It's coming time for their annual check up. We have the vet come to the house to save the cats the trauma of the car ride. We have cat sitters when we go away. So our cats really don't interact with cats outside our home. I was wondering what shots are absolutely necessary and which might be optional for indoor kitties.
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    Re: What shots are necessary for indoor cats?

    Answer by Dr. Mara Ratnofsky of Angell Animal Medical Center's General Medicine Service:
    It is wonderful to hear that you have decided to keep your cats indoors. As you may know, the outdoors can pose many risks to each of your cats’ health including being hit by a car, falling victim to acts of animal cruelty, possible attacks from domesticated or wild animals, ingesting poisons, or succumbing to parasites or disease, to name a few.

    There are several core vaccines for indoor cats including Rabies and FVRCP (a.k.a. distemper). The Rabies vaccine is required by law for all cats, even those who never go outside. This is important in the event that your cat escapes from your home or if a rabid animal comes into your house. The FVRCP vaccine will protect your felines against several serious upper respiratory and gastrointestinal illnesses.

    It is also important to discuss your cats’ past and future lifestyles with your veterinarian. There are more vaccines available and you may consider others given any risks that your cats may be likely to encounter.

    Beyond vaccines you should also consider using flea and tick preventatives. Your veterinarian may recommend these treatments during your pets’ transition from outdoor to indoor and for future use. A few words of warning: 1) discuss these products with your veterinarian. It is best to use products and amounts designed for the animals in your household and to follow the instructions exactly to avoid subjecting a pet to possibly toxic amounts and 2) if treating your pet for fleas be sure to also treat your house.

    A kind of heartworm can also be carried by insects, specifically mosquitoes, and has been found in indoor cats. Since heartworm is potentially fatal and easy to prevent, at Angell Animal Medical Center we recommend a monthly preventative administered once a month at least between March-November in Massachusetts.

    It is best to discuss all of these options with your veterinarian, adopt a monthly and annual vaccination schedule, and continue to keep your cats indoors.
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    Re: What shots are necessary for indoor cats?

    yes, always consider what critters may make their way into your house. My kitty has caught a few mice in her time, and I'm happy to know her vaccines prevent her from catching whatever it is they might have.