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    My boyfriend and I have a dog who is almost 3.  I'm not sure when this started (it wasn't always the case) but probably in the last year, he will whine if one of us isn't in the room.  Even if someone is in the bathroom, he whines and looks at whoever is in the room with him like he wants something to be done about it!  It's cute in away, but very annoying when, for instance, my boyfriend is gone for the day and I want to relax for an hour or two on the couch.  I'll let him out multiple times because he acts like he needs to go out but then we'll come back in and he'll start whining right away.  He is probably the best dog I've ever had - this is one issue that is getting very annoying!



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    Re: Whining

    First....have medical issues been ruled out?

    Wanting to go out frequently to void and then not getting relief could indicate a uti or bladder stones or some other medical condition that would cause pain/discomfort.

    If he's had his checkup and there is no medical reason for the change in behavior then I would suspect a mild case of separation anxiety and treat it as such.

    If he doesn't respond to your efforts within a short period of time,  I would consider making an appointment with Behavior Services at Angell or a clinic of your choice, or see what your vet recommends.


    (just my 2 cents, I'm not Angellvets)

    Eta:  Have there been any recent changes in the household that could be causing him to become anxious,  other pets, change in his routine...


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    Re: Whining

    We had to teach our Lab "busy" - it means that she's asked for attention but she isn't going to get it right now.  We taught her by saying "busy" and then totally ignoring (not even looking at her).  When she stopped vying for our attention (usually by plopping down and sighing in resignation) she got a treat.