Will My Pet Die?

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    Will My Pet Die?

    So, my 9 month old male cat is goint to have surgery tomorrow...aaand I'm worried. I've heard horrible stories about animals who get put on anesthesia, fall asleep, undergo surgery, and don't wake up. How common is this? What causes this? What's the chance of this happening to my cat?

    (For the surgery, he is getting neutered and declawed at the same time. Before anybody tells me how horrible and inhumane it is, I know. But, there's nothing I can do about it becuase I'm a minor and legally he's my mom's cat, and I have no say in what she chooses to do, besides inform her on alternate ways to resolve the issue, which I've already done. Sadly, there's no changing her mind.)

    Sorry for rambling...



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    Re: Will My Pet Die?

    Most of the time cats come through the surgery (neuter) just fine.  I assume he is a healthy cat.   Try to think positive, and keep busy tomorrow.  I hope you have your pet for a long, long time. Take care.

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