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"Wish I'd had pet insurance" story

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    Veterinary View: An Increase in “Blocked Cats” During Autumn?

    Thursday, November 15, 2012 Veterinary View:

    Continuing the theme of Winter Dangers for Cats and Dogs, Dr Laci Schaible joins us today to talk about something I had no idea occurred - increased blocking of cats in the autumn! Dr Schaible fills us in on this odd phenomenom.

    You may have heard of this serious condition, but did you know that autumn is the most common time of year for male cats to "block?" This happens when small stones and protein-rich material are formed that literally block the flow of urine frothe bladder through the urethra, preventing the cat from urinating. If your pet is straining to go to the bathroom, vocalizing excessively, or seems to be in pain when his abdomen is touched, a veterinarian should check him IMMEDIATELY!

    Why this time of year? Pets typically drink plenty of water during the hot summer months. As the staggering summer heat eases up and the seasons quickly shift to cooler fall temperatures, pets are more likely to consume less water. Noticeable effects can even be seen in indoor cats. Don't forget to leave fresh water for your pets at all times.



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